DakidRiz and Dablock365 rappers from USA

Big Trill and DaBlock365 Are Giving Indie Artists Major Exposure

Welcome to the year 2021, or also known as “the digital age” everything and everyone is online now, which translates to online reputation and image superseding physical presence. With the influx of information in the world, it’s gotten harder to distinguish what’s real and what’s not, this is especially true when it comes to PR companies and promoters promising artists the world. Anyone can say or be what they want online. If one thing is evident, reputation is something that cannot be bought and is extremely difficult to manipulate. If you want to find out if something or someone is legit, type their name in on Google, but dont believe everything you see. Always do your research, look at examples, reviews, guarantees, etc.

After seeing so many major artists post tag an artist on there Instagram thats exactly what we did. Many questioned what was going on with so many artists all posting the same thing at once. The internet quickly got flooded with people saying it was a scam. However, they didnt know the facts and were too quick to assume without doing more research. It was in fact a legitimate promo opportunity all of these major artists are doing to help independent artists during the pandemic.

Major artists such as Jadakiss, Dave East, Da Brat, Fat Joe, The Game, Fety Wap, Benny the Butcher and many others are using their social media platform with millions of followers to promote upcoming talented artists looking for a break. This promotion comes in various forms such as mixtapes, playlists, story posts and even verses, shoutotus, and drops from the major artists themselves, which are also promoted on their Instagram accounts. This in fact is not a scam, but an amazing promotion opportunity independent artists wouldnt have been able to previously take advantage of if it were not for the pandemic and everyone being forced to stay home and quarantine.

We are living in a new world where concerts and shows are a thing of the past. The pandemic has everyone stuck at home and this has led to a huge increase in people using digital technology now more than ever. Artists are using whatever digital platform they can to promote their music on. Seeing this is a major opportunity to help other artists, industry mogul and manager for several well known hip hop artists, Big Trill, along with DaBlock365 linked up to create perhaps one of the biggest and best promotional opportunities out there for upcoming artists seeking to get their music heard globally.

Anyone accusing Big Trill or DaBlock365 as being a scam simply doesnt know him or what they do to genuinely help artists succeed. Artists are getting real features, music reviews, hostings, and shout outs from these major artists for a fraction of what they would typically charge. In fact, normally you wouldnt even be able to get in touch with Fat Joe or Jadakiss, but we are not living in normal times. The world has shifted and everything and everyone is now online. DaBlock365 simply connects major artists with independent artists and offers real promotional opportunities that previously didnt exist before the pandemic.


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