Diego garnese

The huge success of Diego Granese

Diego Granese is a famous international entrepreneur, business advisor and influential personality. He was born at Vigevano, Italy on 28th September 1990. He is the owner of many brands and businesses with national and international relevance. After being successful in Italy, he expanded his business in Europe and in Dubai. One of these based in Dubai specializes in corporate internationalization, corporate incorporations and obtaining foreign residences.

When he was a child he wanted to be a business man. With that vision in mind and constant struggle he is owner of many business like Fitup Europe, Aviva Wines Italia and Billionaire Trading Group which he formed in Dubai recently. His Dubai company, Billionaire Group, offers international business consulting services, international tax planning, company incorporation in the United Arab Emirates, and aid to obtain residence permits in the UAE.

Mr.Diego does gym regularly and is very passionate and serious about fitness and health. He started a gym in his early career and today owns a chain of gyms known as Fitup Europe. He also developed a brand in his home country known as Aviva Wines Italia which is also famous brand worldwide, produces coloured and sparkling wine. They have variety of wines with different colors like rose, red and gold etc with different innovative styles. Aviva Wines Italia is famous worldwide and has made its positive reputation.

Apart from these companies he also manages Granese & EI Faria Group, Insurance Italian and Talk. He is also an excellent business coach and is training passionately many people who love to listen his suggestions and follow his footsteps to grow their business. Diego Granese also has holdings and investments in many companies.
In Itlay, he is also famous for having relationship with famous models and showgirls. He was even invited to a TV show for a gossip about the famous model. He is also active on social media having 123k followers on Instagram where he connects with people.

Diego Granese believes in hard work and constant struggle. Innovation and adapting to new methods, trends and technology will result in achieving our goals and objectives. He is a perfect example of people who started from very little resources and are giant today.

In Short, Diego Granese is among one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs who have achieved beyond expectation. Today he is recognized as famous international businessman and is inspiration to many young people specially entrepreneurs who want to start their career and learn from his work and try their best to grow and expand their business.


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