CyberboyCorp. 3d video game

Cyber Boy Corp Has A Video Game In Production

The world has changed tremendously. In the last year the entire world witnessed the drastic increase in digitization due to Covid-19 and web surfers spent more time online than ever before, which includes on the usage of cell phones, laptops and iPads, etc.. Especially, in these crucial, not to mention, hard times, people have found comfort and enjoyment watching motion pictures, doing freelancing and specially playing video games.

People around the world love and enjoy playing video games. It’s an exceptional way to pass time. People of almost every age play video games, be it young or old. The video gaming industry involves the development, marketing and monetization of images produced by a computer program. The video game industry is valued more than the International Film Industry. As of 2018, video games generated sales of US$134.9 billion annually worldwide.

Cyber Boy Corp. is a technology and software company in Beverly Hills, California, USA. The company has ‘CyberBoy,’ a video game in production. This company was founded by Sr. Roy Andrade with tunnel vision, innovation and confidence to build a brand for the world to admire. Not too many people will accomplish what Sr. Roy Andrade has in such as short period of time, but, that’s what being a CEO is all about, being a leader, and someone to emulate given his work ethic.

Many companies dissolved during the COVID-19 pandemic, because they were unable to remain solvent and were unable to make enough money to continue operating their business. So, they had no other choice, but, to shutdown to avoid further loses. However, Cyber Boy Corp. remained open and generated enough profits to transform into a software company during the crisis. Thanks to Chief Executive Officer, Sr. Roy Andrade, with his level of expertise and experience, Cyber Boy Corp. has employed some of the brightest stars in technology to thrust his company forward.

Sr. Roy Andrade is developing a new game titled, CyberBoy, through his privately held software company, which will be released later this year. Sr. Roy Andrade has the King Midas touch and game lovers around the world are anxiously awaiting its release. Many gamers have shared positive thoughts on social media due to the company’s popularity, which is still growing and can be seen through the company’s Instagram account, which has roughly 90,000 followers. The company’s employees are cordial, professional, and blessed to have a CEO like Sr. Roy Andrade who is known for working 2 to 3 consecutive day without sleep.

Sr. Roy Andrade was also nominated by Dr. Rich Schultz of the University of Phoenix into ‘The National Society of Leadership and success’ on November 23, 2020, and was inducted as a member on December 23, 2020. Being the founder of Cyber Boy Corp, Sr. Roy Andrade has gained wisdom, and understanding of what it takes to keep his company afloat, especially during a global pandemic, which has slaughtered businesses left and right. Sr. Roy Andrade is one of the best CEOs this world has seen in generations. His business acumen has made him famous, which is not secret, after reading mass amounts of interviews and articles on Google.

In short, Cyber Boy Corp. is a fast-growing software company with one video game in production and CyberBoy will be their first step into the competing gaming industry. Being the developer of the game title, CyberBoy, Sr. Roy Andrade hints that the game will be a huge hit and their team has dumped a fortune into research and development for this global project. The game will be modern and compatible on every device unlike many games which need some special software to run.


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