Spanish-Canadian singer Alicia Lov’s new single “Talk” is out

Alicia Galan AKA Alicia Lov (pronounced Ah-lee-see-ah Low-v) is a Spanish-Canadian singer and songwriter currently based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She was born in Calgary, Alberta, but grew up in Edmonton, Alberta.  She always loved singing and dancing and performing from her childhood. You can say that she is a music addict. Before getting into music industry she was pretty series about dancing. Her biggest influences that inspire her as an artist are Billie Eilish an American singer-songwriter and Ariana Grande.

Alicia Lov

Her inner self was always attracted to music but at first she was not sure which career best suits her she had multiple ideas but Shaq her best friend/manager was the one who made her believe in herself and he is the reason behind Alicia Lov’s success and she is so grateful of him. Those people are lucky whose source of income is their passion because not every person gets to become what he really dreams to become. But she is one of the lucky ones fortunately.

Alicia’s new single titled “Talk” has been released recently on June 25 and the songs video is under production and the release date will be announced soon.  The song is inspired by some real life events happened in the past year.

Her family is originally from Spain and her future goals also include writing and creating an EP in Spanish. An extended play record, usually referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single but fewer than an album. EPs generally contain four or five tracks, and are considered “less expensive and time-consuming” for an artist to produce than an album.

The song “Talk” is one of the songs that we want should never end.  She wants to become one of the popular celebrities of the industries and reach the pinnacles of success of music industry in Canada and worldwide. She wants to become a role model to lookout for, for youngsters.

Alicia’s songs are a narration of the experiences she has been through and the hardships she has faced to date. When asked about her songs she said “I just always feel personally connected to my songs”. Music is an art and it’s a resource for people to soothe their minds whenever they are stressed or exhausted from their daily life repeat activities. There are different genres of music and her primary genres are Pop, r&b, and alternative.

Some people get demoted by the hardships of life, but she always acts positively to each and every negative thing that happens to her. Her hobbies outside of music are dancing, playing with her dog, painting, listening to music, fashion and makeup, and watching movies. Although, she is not really good at painting.

One thing that Alicia is proud of is getting her single “Magnetic” into rotation on a radio station in her city in early days of her career. She want the listeners to relate her songs with their real life situation and get motivated and make it a source of inspiration for them.

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