Alien Contact In Silicon Valley, California

Are there aliens and where are they? For thousands of years, the curiosity of other life knowing about our solar system has always been there. With billions of planets in space, we’ve sent astronauts to the moon and we’re now planning to colonize Mars which is only the surface for the near future.

Since January 1st 2020, the trending information of “Alien contact” in Silicon Valley, California became the main proof of an alien existence. This is the story in their own words of the people from AISDQ who made contact with the alien.

“We had a camera recording and as we were scrolling up on a network, we noticed that the images were changing. Everything is recorded, the footages of images changing.”

The company AISDQ has video evidence of everything witnessed. NASA estimates that we will meet aliens 20-30 years from now. Consistently we’ve been trying to figure out a way to contact aliens, so imagine “what if they are trying to contact us?” An alien civilization that created earth and then wanting to meet us. 

We are spending a lot of money on Alien research. Humans are in search of extraterrestrial intelligence of Aliens, which can be helpful for them as well. We have spent millions, and so far the results have been negative until now unfortunately, but we are still hopeful.

Scientists are not sure how the Aliens will make contact, if they will make contact with us by radio, laser flashes, they are not sure of anything, but they are open for all possibilities. Scientists and Astronomers of different countries, and organizations are indulged in a kind of a race, and every one of them want to beat each other. The atmosphere of this competition is really good, every one of them wants to be famous and contact Aliens before their competitors.

NASA and National science foundation (NSF) are funding different scholars for their research purposes in the quest. Apart from them, federal government they are also funded by public figures as well.

NASA organizes annual conferences where the scientists get to meet scholars from all over the world and share their knowledge and experience. There are two world’s most sensitive steerable telescopes, one in West Virginia and the other in Australia. They are covering up almost all of the sky with these telescopes. The telescopes are used to gather the data.

Astronomers are sure about one thing that if the Aliens made contact they will send a complex message which will be really difficult to understand. They will need artificial intelligence (AI) and Algorithms to understand their messages.

NASA has targeted its research to some selected planets that they call “Stars with potentially habitable planets”. The research projects are currently disturbed due to COVID-19, but things are getting better now.

Chances of Aliens sending us message are rare. Researchers use different strategies in the hunt for Aliens. NASA also sent a map into space for Aliens so that they can find Earth. The map was launched in 1972. The map points to earth from anywhere in the Galaxy. Many movies have used the concept as their central plot. They think that a smart Alien may find and decode the map and reach to earth.

In movies, aliens are usually viewed as our friends and in some movies as our enemies. We have seen all the different outlooks of how they might appear. So what would it be like if we were to see them with our own eyes? Great news! The book is available on Amazon, terms and conditions (T&Cs) apply.


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