a dentist checking the woman s teeth

What skills should a dentist have?

A dentist is a person who expertise in dentistry, diagnosis, and deals with oral health issues. There are dentists like endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, oral pathologists, dental anesthesiologists, etc. A dentist needs various skills to work in such a sensitive field and keep on adopting new skills. A mouth is such a small place to work. A dentist has to consider several things while working in that small space. They cannot miss even the subtlest details inside the mouth. A dentist needs a medical degree in dentistry to get into the working industry. While studying, they have to master loads of stuff that can serve them for the rest of their careers. Almost all dentists work as practitioners in a renowned state. Without having ultimate skills, they cannot prosper in their career. One of the most experienced and skillful dentists, Dr. Marwan Bassil, are an example of a great dentist. You can get a good idea about the skills required for a dentist from dentist Marwan Bassil, DMD.

The first of many skills is being artistic enough. A great dentist is not only a science expert but also a master of art as well; for instance, which teeth to place where and maintain the proper oral health of the patients. If someone stores the incisor teeth to the place of the canines, that will make things worse. A dentist gives a patient the brightest smile they can have that they can proudly show off. You cannot be distracted by anything while working. You have to keep your full focus to make things perfect. Also, dentists repair or remove damaged teeth with different equipment such as x-rays, drills, probes, mouth mirrors, brushes, etc. These technologies are the most needed skills for a dentist to learn. The particular reason for this is you cannot just be free-handed for this craft of yours. Things can go on the wrong side. So, for managing this dentist profession, you have to be good at using technologies.

The next skill is communicating with patients. A dentist has to deal with different types of patients every day, older to younger. Good communication skills will help them to adapt to various situations. A dentist spends much of his or her time with their patients. They should try to learn about their patients before moving forward with treatment. The patients will feel comfortable in that way. If the patients do not trust their dentists, they will not continue their treatment under that particular dentist. Since a dentist works with the most sensitive part of their patient’s body, they need to gain their trust by good communication skills first.

The most useful skill for a dentist is manual dexterity. That is the kind of ability where dentists have to be accurate while coordinating with the whole process. An array of machines plays a vital role in manual dexterity. Therefore, a dentist needs to be quite handy when it comes to motor skills and operating tools. Dentists like dentist Dr. Marwan Bassil, DMD are such experts with motors and everything. 

Furthermore, a great dentist makes sure their patients are taking care of their teeth and mouth. They will teach their patients to use fluoride. They will tell them about flossing, filling, implants, and all the necessary things required for patients to know. Also, a dentist should have the ability to work for long hours with the same patients if need be. Sometimes it takes more time than usual to fix things. Great dentists do not give up on their patients. They always try to give quality treatment to their patients.

Dentists also need business skills since most dentists open their practice places. They will have to run their business place with all the fundamental business skills such as hiring staff, managing schedules, marketing through social media, budget strategies, maintaining expenses, etc. Once they grow big, they can hire people to look over these things afterward. Till then, they will have to carry on with everything smoothly.

Moreover, a great dentist always finds a way to help his or her patients rather than showing excuses. The patients mean the world to them. They even try to help the people who cannot afford the expenses. That makes a great dentist different from everyone else in the field. Always puts the betterment of the patients above everything.

Some people think that dentists only deal with teeth and nothing else. This misunderstanding has to go away. A dentist deals with almost the whole body parts like mouth, jaws, head, neck, gums, and other portions along with teeth. For example, an endodontist does root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is significant to remove the nerves and blood from the injured teeth. They also deal with huge diseases like oral cancers. That makes a dentist an expert on different things.

A dentist needs both problem-solving and leadership qualities as well. A well-educated dentist can predict the condition of a patient and act accordingly. They must know about determining the syndrome of any patients and treat them appropriately. While being detail-oriented about their precise procedures, dentists need to lead themselves and their team. No matter what the result is, they have to stay calm in every situation. The accuracy matters a lot for a great detail-oriented dentist. For instance, the pressure rate needs to be exact while dealing with braces and other materials to strengthen teeth.

These are some of the specialties a great dentist should have. You can always embrace new skills. To work in such a complicated field, people have to work hard and give loads of effort. If your service is good enough, then your patients will keep on returning to you. Always remember, for a dentist, the priority should go to the patients first. You can take the dentist, Dr. Marwan Bassil, as an idol. He is an idol to millions of dentists around the world. Give whatever it takes for you to become a great dentist.


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