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Recently encountering an argument with UneekInt and Ana Espinola Cyffa Leyenda is still out here making noise shutting things down. UneekInt from Oregon and Cyffa Leyenda from Virginia had a huge argument over Cyffa having the same clients as Uneek. Uneek has half a million followers on Instagram and verified. Cyffa isn’t afraid of labels nor a celebrity when it comes to getting in his bag. “Uneek isn’t good for business nor know how he got verified of music.” “We were cool but verified and followers doesn’t mean I’m going to bow down to you.” Uneek went ranting about how he doesn’t want Cyffa contacting his adult clients about business even if Cyffa didn’t know anything about it.

Basically with that Uneek just gave Cyffa the intention that he has such a great service in result some of Uneeks clients left him for Cyffa. “I come from a home of leadership and a strict structure from my military parents. I have a very strong head in the game and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect my name.” A few weeks later Cyffa Leyenda the King of the OceanFront and so called Celebrity model Ana Espinola were suppose to do a marketing exchange.

Cyffa was suppose to do a press release meaning multiple articles about Ana in exchange for a video of her modeling his new single Fineto starring DELA WESST on Ana’s recent post. After emailing her what articles would be in the press release which Cyffa didn’t plan on dropping a bag on her prolly three good articles. She gets upset that it’s not a whole bunch of articles meaning hundreds of dollars into a stranger because at the end of the day its business. Ana address to Cyffa “My post cost one-thousand dollars and that’s how much I charge for a post.” Cyffa wasn’t having that at all a thousand isn’t worth no model who buys her likes and followers.

“Mathematically 1 Million followers you should have 20k likes and she receives the same engagement as me let alone she uses groups to build attention she really doesn’t have. Don’t believe me check out her instagram yourself @ ana_espinola_b. I believe if you buy likes and have to use groups for comments and likes for your post it’s only worth $100-$200 just cause the verification.”

Today Ana is sending people on Instagram messages to report Cyffa because she didn’t get her exchange boohoo!!! Nor does she know she’s made this local celebrity a bigger name for himself as people are rooting for him on. 2 days later Cyffa gets scammed $50 by verified rapper OBN DEV that has over 80k followers on Instagram and 200k subscribers on YouTube. It was one of those simple scams nothing to be upset about but for an artist that big scamming Cyffa at least you’d think it would be more than $50. OBN DEV said “Cash app $1.9k”. Cyffa said “Sh** for $50 I’ll see wassup with it. Crazy part about this little money was this guy was watching my story consistently like what he was doing planning this whole time IDK man lol. But hey now I know right.”

Today Cyffa is moving on from all this and learning how certain people move which is very important in today’s society. Everyone says they’re big time but in reality they’re either scamming they way up or using sexual favors. Who knows right? With already starting 2021 taking over Covid Cyffa is already making people in the industry cautious of his moves as he’s not in fear. Cyffa is already heated about Virginia celebrities not playing their role right as icons and inspirers of their people as if we don’t exist. Be ready for more news from Cyffa because every which way he moves is BIG! Rumor is Cyffa Leyenda and Yung Smilez are releasing a single soon.


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