Keep an eye on The “HOOK GOD” of Northern VIRGINIA (NOVA)

Roc Solo is a talented Hip-Hop rap artist/songwriter from Norfolk, Virginia. He was fond of music at a young age. Becoming a musician was his ultimate goal. He has set the bar high for himself and is working day and night to accomplish his goals. He wants to create a brand of himself and wants to inspire the younger generations of Northern Virginia (NOVA).

He is one of those people who do not have a “full stop” in their lives. Some people when they achieve something become happy and stop at it. But a person’s growth process should never stop that is why he keeps evolving and keeps exploring different fields of interest. At the moment Roc Solo has been writing and recording hooks for other artists in the area as well.

He has a comparative advantage over his fellow musicians because he writes and records the hooks/chorus himself, unlike others. The hook is the most memorable and often most important part of many hip-hop songs. It is any repeating song element that catches your attention. A song can have multiple hooks.

The Hook should always have to be clever and catchy to grasp the listener’s attention. Roc Solo is very talented in creating hooks easily. Because of his that skill he is also known as “Hook GOD”. Essentially, a hook is the main idea of the song that’s conveyed in a short phrase or line.

Right now he is open to anything that his listeners might like and he does not shy from trying out something new that is why he brings something new to the industry with each of his crafts. Versatility is of utmost importance for an artist and he is well aware of the fact.

Solo’s tracks are very engaging and provide comfort to our minds when we are exhausted from daily life problems. When you will listen to them you will keep listening to it and will want more of it but the worst part is that it will end.

Everyone can find a track of his choice there is a variety of them some of them are full of anger and others are happy, some are full of romance. With each of his tracks, he is making a mark in the industry and the number of his listeners is also increasing rapidly.

Solo’s tracks are available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. He is popular among the audience for his song delivery. His popular songs include “Play No Fool”, “Set It Off”, “Like This”, “Black Bandana”, and many more.

He has worked with many NOVA artists such as Big Benz, Ali Kulture, Mburb, Lucy J, and many others. He wants to inspire people’s lives with his music and creates music that people get comforted from and can relate to their real-life situations and get inspired.

I believe he has a bright future ahead and is the one who you need to look out for in the future. To be a successful artist you need to have self-confidence, trust in your abilities, and last but not least patience, and believe me he has got all these qualities.

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