“Upcoming artist Marq Kenzo from NYC goal is to rise too the top in the music industry ” – Marq Kenzo Hints on Upcoming Projects for the First Quarter of 2022

With the beginning months of 2022, Marq Kenzo is confident he will be able to achieve his current goals and even proceed to reach his future goals.

A common, unconscious trend many artists in the music industry succumb to is being pressured to release songs regardless of what their fans think, expect, or want. As a result, for many artists, success is measured by the number of tracks they release instead of the quality of songs they produce. Marq Kenzo brings out smooth energy with his singing skills. He is not on the bandwagon of artists who believe the number of tracks measures success. For him, the quality of the tracks released is of immense priority.

The New-York based singer started producing music two years ago. Such as, “Kenzo story”, “Trouble Life” and “Letter to myself”. Marq Kenzo bounces from singing to drill music. His most recent single “Whine ya waist” was featured of his EP named “Here I come”.

Speaking on his plans for 2022, Marq Kenzo had this to say, “I’m going to be next.” He is highly motivated and confident that he will be next whether its now or in the future. But being successful is a mindset. Never giving up until you are the greatest you can be.

Marq Kenzo born in Bronx, New York and grew up in New York City. Listening to 90’s and the 2000’s music with family. Finding his passion in music and to create embellished music as an artist. “Seeing how his music makes other people as well as I feel is how I want people to relate to me. I want people to feel free when they listen to my music,” explained Marq Kenzo.

For more information, send an email to marqkenzo950@gmail.com.


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