Another future star, emerging from the streets of Bronx

SHA-BENGEZ is an emerging musician from the Bronx. He was fond of becoming a musician in his childhood and at 13 years of age, He recorded his first song without sufficient resources just with the help of a $100 mic and free software on his computer.

Music is an art and it’s a resource for people to soothe their minds whenever they are stressed or exhausted from their daily life repeat activities. There are different genres of music and the genre of SHA-BENGEZ’s music is Hip-Hop and Rap. There are also different types of rap music such as hardcore rap, alternative hip hop, etc.

SHA-BENGEZ’s romance with music kept going on from school to high school and high school to college. He was famous there for his flow and wordplay. After college, he started to record songs and upload them on Soundcloud. SHA-BENGEZ’s share in the market is growing with the increased number of listeners day by day.

Currently, he has signed his own label CHASING BENGEZ LLC. Multiple singles and features of SHA-BENGEZ have been released on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc., until late 2020. We should appreciate SHA-BENGEZ because of his efforts in Covid-19, he did not give up during these difficult times and kept producing new songs, and was very much active in the industry. He has a fan base in 78 countries with over 100K streams combined on all platforms. The links to his songs are attached below must check it out.

For any business inquires you can contact at . You can follow him @SHA-BENGEZ.

Link to his Spotify songs:


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