CEO-ISHHH Encourages all Entrepreneurs to workout!

Ishmael Picott, better known as CEO-Ishhh is the CEO of Blessionaire apparel, entrepreneur, celebrity publicist, mentor, business coach, and motivator, who has built a multi-million dollar business empire. He is a very ambitious person and being ambitious is important when you are an entrepreneur because being ambitious is the reason behind your success and when you stopped being ambitious that will be a full stop to your success.

Blessionaire Apparel, his clothing brand is famous and one of the Fastest Growing ventures in the industry. It is worn by celebrities such as DJ Envy, Harlem Globetrotter Bull Bullard, Moné Davis, Trent Crews from ‘Love & Hip Hop’, and many more. DJ Envy can be seen on the breakfast club wearing the “Blessionaire Apparel” brand and on many different occasions. ‘Blessionaire’ stands for ‘blessed billionaire’, a phrase he has trademarked.

He has always been a motivation and the right man to go after for youngsters and he is also playing his part in growth and development by providing employment opportunities like now he is looking to hire Interns.

CEO-ISHHH also Directed A-TOWN the Movie which did over 2 million views on WSHH. He is an inspiration for all the entrepreneurs and he also encourages all the entrepreneurs to work out because they need to be fit, fitness is also essential if they will be fit then they can perform up to their best potential. Health is important to be in the industry you just cannot be doing something again and again and ignore your fitness.

He does not expect from people what he does not do himself. He has set an example for them. He is super fit, healthy, etc.  He is an inspiration to all of the CEO’s at the gym. They always appreciate him and want to reach his level of fitness.

A Sufficient amount of water intake is important for your fitness. It is beneficial for your health and body performance and he argues us to drink as much as possible. Drinking water is a healthy habit and drinking more water in the day and less at night is the best practice. We often do not give water intake importance that it deserves. CEO-ISHHH takes a Gallon of water with himself to the gym when he goes to work out.

CEO-ISHHH says: “After every adversity, there is always an opportunity”, He argues people to always wear a mask, and not to be upset because of Covid and says: “ Mark my words there will be a lot of new business and new Entrepreneurs when we will defeat Covid soon”.

Our actions and decisions that we make on daily basis define our future and if we are fit and our mind is in its comfort zone then we will be able to make the right decisions. Those decisions will define our future.

CEO-ISHHH has 18.3k followers on Instagram, and you can follow him at He is looking for interns and if you are interested you can mail at


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