Taylor Swift looking beautiful

Taylor Swift; 11 Grammy Awards Winner

“Taylor Alison Swift” also known as Taylor Swift is an American pop singer, country music, and songwriter who has achieved huge success in the 21st century. She was fond of music from her childhood which made this her passion. Taylor sang a song when she was 11, making a remarkable appearance in front of thousands when she sang a song “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a basketball game. This inspired her confidence which made her pick a guitar and began to write songs.

Taylor swift 1989
Taylor Swift

Today, Taylor Swift is known as one of the most popular persons on the planet and one of the most popular singers of the music industry in the world holding 11 Grammy Awards this time out of 32 nominations. She is known as the Queen of Pop. She won the first Grammy award on the Album of the year “Fearless” and became the first-ever youngest female to hold a Grammy award in History. The Album “Fearless” was an immediate success for the Taylor as millions of copies of her album were sold within days.

Taylor Swift 1989
Taylor Swift 1989

Taylor Swift’s Most Famous Album:
Taylor Swift’s Album 1989 is a masterpiece. This album is named after her born the year 1989. This album is a masterpiece in terms of everything like its music of the 80s, the lyrics which were written by Taylor herself, the music direction, and everything. This album made its mark in the industry as it is the purest genre of pop music. This also influenced other artists to made pure pop songs. The glossy lyrics, the classy pop music, and the country music made her win a Grammy award for it. The most famous song which was most loved by the audience was “Shake It Off”, which gives the nostalgic vibes of pure 80’s pop songs. 1989 is a masterclass out of her all albums which had also made an impact such as Reputation, Red, Fearless, and Evermore. In short, 1989 has a nostalgic vibe out of her all albums in the pop genre and makes it stand out from all the other albums.

Taylor Swift Upcoming Projects:
Taylor Swift is a pack of surprises. She doesn’t drop any trailers or thrills to make suspense of her albums, she just does it. Swift released her 8th album “Folklore” within 24 hours and made her surprise her audience during the pandemic. But Swifties or Taylor Swift fans left no stone unturned. They try to find the Easter Eggs to find out what Taylor Swift is up to.

Taylor Swift speak now song
Taylor Swift

Presently, Taylor Swift is working to remake and re-release her old songs as Big Machine’s music assets are acquired by Ithaca Holdings LLC. Taylor Swift is remaking and re-releasing her songs but fans are up to that which album is coming first. Swifties have found some Easter eggs in her last videos of her album and they are up to that “Speak Now” is coming first and it would be released in the coming months. But there is no confirmed information about any of her upcoming projects that at which project is the Queen of Pop and Queen of Surprises is up to. Let’s see what we get in the future.


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