Introducing Danjul! Our next king of Pop

DANJUL is an emerging singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. He has a sound that is intricate yet appealing. The craftsman has a fondness for old-style music and epic instrumental scores.

Michael Jackson “The King of Pop Music” is his role model and he wants to be as great as him one day. The songs that he creates are reflections of the hardships he has faced in his life. He is been deceived many times by the girls who have broken his heart.

Music is Danjul’s passion and he sings with his heart and soul. The young boys/girls who have been deceived by the people they loved can relate their real-life situation with his songs. His music is a source of comfort for his fans and listeners which provides them hope and courage to deal with such situations.

A number of his songs have been released recently such as “The Path”,Dance to the Moon”, “Scarecrow”, “Faded Destiny”, “Eyes on You”, “Lollipop Girl”, “Chapter of Love” his debut release, and the one released in the last month the Drama”.

Danjul’s music tracks have more than 300K streams on Spotify and have been critically acclaimed. Articles about him and his music videos have been published in many popular online magazines and websites.

Apart from being a musician, he is also a very talented dancer like his role model MJ. He is striving hard to bring innovation to the Pop Genre and make a mark in the industry. So that his name is remembered for generations to come like his role model is, he wants to become a role model and a source of inspiration for youngsters in the near future.

Let’s Talk about Danjul’s new Single “Drama”

The new single Drama written by Danjul himself has been released on the 24th of November. The song has a piece of very engaging music that will make you listen to the song, again and again, the first time when you will listen to it.

By now you will have an idea of what this song is about because its title in itself is a reflection of what it’s about. So let me tell you that the song is about the whole drama that is involved in a Romantic Relationship. The ups and downs of it, the yes and no’s of it. The whole tension between the two lovers. Ohhh boy!!!!! It is a real depiction of real-life drama and will open your eyes as well as give you a lesson that patience is really important in a relationship.

The single is produced by Nathan Bankston under the label Bentleyrecords (NYC) and is available on all popular music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc. When you will listen to the song you will want to keep listening to it you will want more of it but unfortunately like every other song it will have to end.

It will take you on a new musical journey away from your sorrows and daily life problems where you will find comfort for a time being.

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