Detecting School: A hub for Metal Detectives and Hobbyists

Metal detecting is a hobby which many of the children have. It includes historical coins collecting, bullets, looking for precious metals like Gold, Silver and Copper in their natural forms, and antique man-made jewelry. There are metal detecting clubs in the USA, the UK and Canada for hobbyists to learn from others, show off their finds and Detecting school is a kind of similar website platform for hobbyists to get information and find a possible answer to their questions. This platform was created to serve passionate metal detectors.

There are metal detecting devices which kids use usually to find these metals. There is a term “COIN SHOOTING” which is specifically used for detecting historical coins, and the collector is called “COIN SHOOTER”. They find these potential locations where they might find these coins. “PROSPECTING” is the term used for detecting metals like Gold, Silver and Copper. “BEACH COMBING” is the term used for detecting metals on the beach.

Detecting school is a website where you can read a lot of informative blogs and articles about metal detecting. Kids are really fond of detecting buried treasures. One of the most difficult decisions that the kids have to make is choosing the right location for metal detecting.

Europe and Asia have a lot of potential for metal detecting, more than the other world. There is a metal detecting code of conduct that a hobbyist must follow such as returning the things that he or she finds to the owner if he or she knows who the owner is and if the owner is accessible as well. Some of the antique metals are worth millions of dollars when they are auctioned.

The beaches are the places where most valuables are lost, according to some stats, and you may also have seen some metal detectors there as well. Many of the places where metal detectors want to detect either don’t allow or require permissions, but if you are looking to hunt down for metals on a beach, let me tell you that most of the beaches are public places and allow metal detecting. That is why beaches are the best place for metal detecting hobbyists.

A metal detector must know the significance of the objects that he or she finds during metal detection. You will have to use a solid metal detector with a ground balance, and metal detectors are affordable and easy to buy available on online stores as well nowadays.

Metal detecting is a great exercise for kids and senior citizens because it involves a lot of physical activities and keeps our body active and energized. Detecting metals in public parks is also a good idea, but you should have prior permission for it and make sure you do not damage any public property.

Metal detecting helps you to take a closer look at the nature and know the world in a better way. You have a better chance of finding valuables in public places where people use to gather in large numbers like places where most public events take place.

You can email detecting school at for recommendations, critiques, we will be really happy to answer any of your questions, and we are also open for any business cooperation’s.


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