EZ papi and his journey in search of true love

EZ Papi AKA Caribbean Papi’s new album “Trapped Emotions 2” is out. This is the second album of this Kansas City, Missouri-based musician. The album consists of seven tracks that define the journey of a guy in search of true love. The album sheds light on the ups and downs of the relationship as he goes dating the wrong ladies again and again.

The music album is the best source of comfort for those heartbroken men who have been betrayed by women. EZ has always admired Shakespeare and he is a big admirer of his work as well. He also tries to adopt his ways through his tracks and when asked he said “I wanted to capture the same sadness and romanticism that he did in his writing but in the form of a song collection.”

Throughout the album when his heart gets broken he, again and again, questions his true purpose in life. He begins to doubt himself. One thing that listeners love about his tracks is that they can relate them with their real-life situations and get inspired by them.

EZ Papi has more than 12K followers on his Instagram as of now at the start of his career. EZ was attracted to music and poetry from his childhood. He always behaved in a calm relaxed way as the nature of poetic people is we know and He was lucky that his instructors and mentors always supported him and knew about his interests and guided him to pursue them. He decided to pursue his career in the music industry when he was in high school.

The number of his listeners, his fan following, and he as a musician is growing with each of his albums. When asked about what do you think about your music journey? He said “I’m passionate about making music not only because it brings joy but it also can heal and save someone’s life, my music is nothing but good energy and dance vibes. So I want to keep spreading good energy around the world.”

EZ says that “I create music to inspire, and share moments that last forever”. His tracks are available on all popular music streaming platforms such as Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. He is referred to as an Afro-Caribbean musician.

Afro-Caribbean music is a broad term for music styles originating in the Caribbean from the African diaspora. These types of music usually have West African/Central African influence. Afro-Caribbean music incorporates components, instruments, and influences from a variety of African cultures, as well as Indigenous and European cultures.

This album “Trapped Emotions 2” is all about the expression of our trapped emotions our feelings. We need to express our emotions otherwise we can never really get past them and make the right decision in the future.

EZ is a versatile artist and in his album, he also sings a bit in Spanish. Apart from singing he also writes songs from his high school days. Before this album, his previous works include a widely-known hit “Go Low” track. As well as his Dark Fantasies EP, which was released earlier this year.

Follow EZ on Instagram: @therealezpapi

Listen to EZ’s music album at Spotify: Trapped Emotions 2


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