Paidjake the person behind the success of the label Atlanta city records

Jarvis Welch AKA PaidJake born and raised in Atlanta, GA, is the Business Owner of three businesses Atlanta City Records, Marketing Done Correctly, and PaidJake Enterprise. He started his professional career in 2015 as a Manger and Club Promoter. The skills and experience that he got being in the music industry led him to start his label Atlanta City Records.

PaidJake was inspired by popular American rock bands such as Escape the Fate and Blink-182. Their ability to produce brilliant music and stir emotions fascinated and encouraged him to learn more about the music industry. He understands music and the needs of the music production industry and his focus were developed by watching and listening to some great musicians in his childhood such as Ike Turner and Jay Prince.

PaidJake enterprise is a Management & Consulting Company that Provides Services to Record Labels and Artists. It provides Artist and Record Label Services Such as Marketing and Promotion, Distribution, Cover Arts, Photo-shoots, Music Video, etc.

In January 2018 PaidJake decided to start a label named Atlanta city records for the first time, at that time he was already managing two artists by the name of Baby D and LMM Cooley. It is a Direct Label Under “Sony the Orchard”.

With his label, Atlanta city records he is helping a lot of emerging young musicians to grow in the industry at the start of their careers. Money was not the sole purpose behind the creation of the label, He created this Record Label because he wanted to give Independent Artist of Atlanta a platform from where their voice reaches their targeted audience. This 29 years old entrepreneur says that “I Enjoy Helping People Grow”.

PaidJake’s mission behind starting Atlanta City Records is becoming a Major record Label like Sony or Universal Music. Atlanta city records provide artists with numerous services such as Distribution Deals, Record Label Deals, and Publishing Deals.

Through his company, he hopes to collaborate with like-minded artists while supporting their vision with his expertise and knowledge. PaidJake hopes to enhance music knowledge in his community by creating opportunities for young artists to learn and grow.

Currently, Atlanta City Records is working with three young artists Flame Gotti, Yung Frost, and Asia Marie. PaidJake not only wants to grow these emerging musicians but he wants to create a brand of them because When you become a brand, the brand speaks for itself word goes out there in the world and you no longer need to tell people about yourself people always speak and discuss you and tell each other about you and get attracted to you.

This artist wants to convey a message to youngsters that never give up no matter how many times you fail, if you will follow my instincts you will become successful. We learn a great deal from failures and a bit from winning because sometimes we ignore our mistakes and indulge in the joy of success but failure exposes us.

Throughout his career, PaidJake has encouraged artists to take creative risks and reach for greatness in their work. While he has made a name in the music industry owing to his successful record label and outstanding management style, he hopes to establish and run two production companies in the future.

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