Olansi: The best water and air purification works in Panyu District, Guangzhou, China

Olansi is a professional Air purifier, water purifier and hydrogen water maker manufacturer, located in Gaosha Industrial Zone, Zhongcun, Panyu District, Guangzhou, South China, established in 2009. Olansi air purifiers provide you with OEM and ODM services. Olansi is one of china’s top 5 largest OEM purification product factories. They are operating in over 20 countries, and the annual turnover is approximately $100m (USD).

The products offered by them are china air purifier, home air purifier, HEPA air purifier, negative ion air purifier, ionizer air purifier, pm2.5 air purifier, car air purifier, room air purifier, smart air purifier and so on. The services provided by Olansi air Purifier Company are environment friendly and our china air purifier is considered the best air purifier.

They also offer your car air purifier which prevents you from air contaminations. They have really experienced professionals of the field, who perform the services for you, and they have conducted thorough research of the program. We are your one-stop solution for air and water purification.

Olansi is a professional UV air purifier and negative ion air purifier manufacturer. We are equipped with advanced and up-to-date equipment. We have our own in-house research and development (R&D) 15-engineer design and manufacturing teams. We also have an independent injection molding workshop. We spend 10% of our annual sale turnover into R&D.

We provide you with high quality standard services, and this is not just a quote because we also have a national standard air purifier testing room to prove the quality of our services to you. We have achieved several international certifications such as UL, CE, and ROHS etc.

Olansi is a far better company than its competitors in terms of quality and technology. We offer you continuously improved and innovative products with the changing demands of the industry. Due to increased global warming, population and health concerns of people, the demand and need for air purifiers is consistently increasing. Human beings cannot survive without Oxygen and breathing fresh and healthy air is necessary, and that is why air purifiers have become basic a need for people nowadays. We are operating in compliance with international standards. Our products are designed according to the specific needs of each country. We also provide you with custom services on customers’ requests.

Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd launches five new models every year. Their products are stylish, well-designed and user friendly. We have advanced products like portable air purifiers and mini ionizer car air purifiers.  It purifies the air of your rooms and gives you fresh and healthy air to breathe and saves a lot of people who have allergies from dust.

We can produce approximately 70000 products monthly, and we deliver them to your doorstep on due time. Our china air purifiers are the best air purifiers in the current market. There are some factors that you should keep in your mind before buying any air purifiers.

Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd cares about your health because health is the real wealth of a person, and they are not only doing business, they want to create profitable business relationships with you, which benefits both of us. We have 11 laboratories of the evaluation center.

There are a lot of benefits of using a car air purifier. The main goal of an air purifier is to make the air you breathe clean and healthy. Our air purifier systems clean the air up to 99.99% of rooms, pure air makes breathing easier and comfortable. It’s very useful, especially for people with respiratory illness. You will notice the difference straightaway when you have it installed at your home or in your car.

Olansi HealthCare Co. Ltd purifiers reduce bacteria. The number of times you are sick is reduced by just this simple step. We must have a car air purifier because we spend a lot of time in our car on a daily basis.

The car air purifiers reduce smells in your car as well as those such as of cigarette, food, new car smell etc. Ionic purifiers are the most efficient against the smell elimination versus the HEPA systems. Ionic purifies have low maintenance costs because you don’t have to change filters in regularly.

contact info:

Name: Daniel Yuan

Email: Daniel@olansi.net

Organization: Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Address: GaoSha Industry Zone, ZhongCun, PanYu, Guangzhou, China

Phone: +86-15915736889


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