One of the most affordable online bookstores in India

99Bookscart is a website that saves books every year and makes them accessible to readers. It was found in December 2016 and is located in Shastri Nagar, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586109, India. You can find hundreds of interesting novels and used online books. It is the most affordable online bookstore and you can buy any novel at INR 99. Almost every bestseller is available, and if you don’t find your favorite book, you can request it and it will be made available to you.

The book industry is unorganized, and that is why 99Bookscart’s vision is to make it organized and provide you with the most affordable online bookstore. Knowledge is priceless, and these books contain a bundle of knowledge. Reading book is a good habit, it broadens your perception.

Book reading gives you some comfort when you come back home totally exhausted from your day-to-day affairs of life. Books teach you wisdom and help with depression. Books are stress relievers and give you relief from tensions. Books enhance your imagination.

99Bookscart currently offers a discount on buying 6 books by entering the promo code FREE99 at checkout. You will get a free book. You will also get a free bookmark with every order. Roopesh Kumar the contemporary Indian author, has an exclusive partnership with us. His book “I’m an Average Looking Boy… Will You Be My Girlfriend?” is a national bestseller in India.

It is India’s first online book marketplace. They provide you with a quality service and are committed to providing the best experience for their sellers and buyers. Our readers review us the best. You can also buy second hand books and novels from us.

99Bookscart is the right place for passionate readers. Nowadays almost everything is going online, so are books but the joy, the attachment that a book reading physically gives is incomparable. We also help you sell your used books online. You can create a seller account on our website with your Email and can sell with ease. After creating account, upload the details of books such as photos, the segment it belongs to etc.

You can purchase used books for RS.99 in India. We provide you with bestseller books at the most affordable prices. We deliver books for free for orders greater than RS. 499. You can request a book by filling a form on our website.

99Bookscart also sells books to wholesalers. A wholesaler has to buy a minimum of 50 books to get the benefits of the wholesaler. You can donate books to us as well, and we will be really grateful to you for your kindness, you just need to contact us and we will pick up the book ourselves. Please do not waste the knowledge that these books contain by limiting them to a drawer or shelf in your home. Donate them so that others get the opportunity to get benefitted.

We also provide you with order tracking system for your convenience as well, you can easily track your order from your mobile phones and do not worry because we always deliver on time. The trend of purchasing online has become new normal now. People prefer shopping online nowadays because they do not want to waste their time and energy through physically visiting a shop.

You can read online reviews of the books and select the most appropriate and interesting book for yourself. You can find all types of books, online and you can also compare the price and select books according to your budget. You should always select the best rated books. Reading is important, and it impacts your inner self deeply.

Good books are the best friend of people. You can also exchange your novels with the ones present in our inventory as well. 99Bookscart is the best platform to buy books online, and it connects readers with the author.

We love hearing from readers and our customer service team is ready to answer all your queries, you can contact us via several platforms you can mail us directly at or, you can contact us via phone on our phone: +91 901-915-8183 or you can also message us on Facebook at or you can also fill a form on our website and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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