Survey apps to get PayPal money

If you are looking for PayPal money, there are paid survey apps to get PayPal money as well. They will get you PayPal money instantly. The minimum amount of payment that you can receive through PayPal is $0.01.

There are many survey apps that have no minimum payout limit’ and they pay you instantly when you have completed conducting your survey regardless of the amount of the money. Joining a survey app is totally free of cost. They have some other earning activities as well.

Some of them conduct these paid surveys in the form of videos. You must be familiar and good at recording videos. There are many apps to earn PayPal money, but this way of earning it through paid surveys is one of the easiest ways for you. There are a lot of blogs and articles about them, you must read them as well.

Survey apps are easily accessible through your mobile phone and PCs. Day by day people are turning towards these apps. Most of the online earning app and website platforms pay through PayPal, but some of them do not use it. Below are some of the apps that pay you through PayPal, and these are the apps to get PayPal money:

  • Survey Junkie
  • SwagBucks
  • Rakuten
  • Nielsen etc.,
  1. Survey junkie:

Survey junkie is a website and app platform which can get you PayPal money through paid surveys. Survey Junkie is an online market research community which delivers data and analytics to the market research industry. There are millions of people working for them. They want you to conduct surveys for attitudinal research and Behavioral research. The consumer input that they get from the market research community they sell the data to the research industry, and they use this data to improve and innovate their products and services.

  • SwagBucks:

SwagBucks is another app to get PayPal money. They also pay you for conducting surveys, shopping online, watching videos, searching on the internet etc. They have point rewarding system, and those points are converted into PayPal money later on. They have paid millions to their members to date. They also give out at least 7000 gift cards on a daily basis.

  • Rakuten:

Rakuten insight survey is another platform for you to get PayPal money by giving your insights. Their entities are from all over the world, primarily Europe, the US and Asia. They use your insights for the development of better products and services. Registration is totally free and easy, and they also have a point system like SwagBucks.

  • Nielsen:

Nielsen is also one of the apps to get PayPal money by giving you insights about products and services. They provide one of the most trusted and complete consumer inputs and market data analysis to the companies. They are one of the most experienced and have their operators in more than 100 countries.


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