Princeofthegram: A talented photographer from Brockton, Massachusetts

This article is about the photographer who was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Although we do not need to define what a photographer does I would like to define it as: “A person who takes photographs, especially as a job”. Some popular celebrity photographers are David LaChapelle, Martin Schoeller, and Norman Reedus.

Princeofthegram AKA Ruben Glimpse started as a club promoter at Club Lure in 2018. He defines his journey in his own words that “At first I took my camera to the club for recreational photos as a hobby. One thing led to another and I started taking my craft seriously”. The following year he got his first paid position at the “Playhouse” and after that the “Penthouse”.

Every photographer has his unique style but a good celebrity photographer is the one who is good at catching the emotions of the individuals. Professional Photographers know the importance of it. When he started he had minimum expectations but the response to his work has been beyond his imagination till now.

Prince has many hobbies and some of them include options trading, working out, & traveling abroad. Some of his life influences are Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, and Micheal Jordan. He likes their dedication to success, growth, and self-improvement which is outstanding.

He has aimed to become Hollywood’s #1 nightlife photographer. Some of his future goals are creating publication photos for vogue, maxim, playboy, and other popular magazines. He wants to become a brand and wants his name to be known as one of the best photographers. Some of the best work he has done in the past that he is most proud of is that his photos got posted up in Times Square, New York. It was a shot he took behind the scenes on the set of a music video. This was the moment that made him realize that his career is in the right direction.

He was fond of working with celebrities from his childhood. Princeofthegram has worked with many artists, celebrities, and models. He is currently working with the American singer-songwriter “Trey Songz” as his personal photographer. Prince has had an amazing experience working alongside Trey who he says treats him like family. He was recently an assistant director for Yung Blue’s music video called “2AMm in Houston”. He also provided four models for this music video.

He has many notable celebrity followers like Trey Songz, King Los, French Montana, Bleu Vandross, Sincereshow, Jessica Burciaga, Miracle Watts, Thomas Bryant (NBA), John Johnson III (NFL), DJ Carisma, Nick Pattiwack, AD (rapper), D3szn, China Mac, Kris D Lofton, Desmond King (NFL), Gareon Conley (NFL), etc.

The message that he wants to convey to his fans is that sacrifice is needed to become a greater vessel. Believe and have faith in GOD. Invest in yourself and everything will be great in the end. Small achievements add up to big rewards. Stay tuned for more photography work that will release in popular magazines soon and in the meantime, you can also follow him on Instagram.


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