In this modern, world things have changed, we have minimized the gap between us, we have seen artists emerging from every class, race, and gender. We have experienced diversity, people are getting chances. Sha-Bengez is one of those people who emerged from the Bronx New York. He is a very talented Rapper. Sha-Bengez’s music is a source of Motivation, Inspiration, and Comfort for his listeners.

Born Sharod Alleyne, now known as Sha-Bengez, he began making music at the age of 10, he recorded his first song at 13 in a home studio and hasn’t looked back since. He made a mark in his teen years earning a reputation for his flow and wordplay.

Sha-Bengez has several singles and projects under production and he will be releasing new projects soon mainly an EP Titled “BENGEZ VISION 3D” and a mixtape Titled “IN DUE TIME” that will showcase his talent.

After spending a certain amount of time in the industry Sha-Bengez has now started his Independent Record Label known as Chasing Bengez LLC. An independent record label sometimes called (indie label) is a record label that operates without the funding of major record labels; they are a type of small to medium-sized enterprise or SMEs. Independent record labels are small companies that produce and distribute records.

The labels and artists are often represented by trade associations in their country or region, which in turn are represented by the international trade body, the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN). The music genre that Bengez produces is nowadays known as indie music, or more specifically as indie hip-hop.

According to some statistics collected from the USA, indie labels produce and distribute about 66% of music titles but only account for 20% of sales. Many musical artists begin their careers on independent labels, hoping to further grow their career into signing with a Record label later in their career.

Major labels sometimes fully or partially acquire independent labels. There are three major record labels. The majorsare currently Sony, Warner Music (WMG), and the Universal Music Group (UMG). Independent labels provide artists much more opportunity for experimentation and artistic freedom. The international peak body for the indie music industry, Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), was founded in 2006.

You can check out his songs on his website For any business inquires you can contact Please check out the Spotify link to his songs as well given below:



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