Sr. Roy Andrade’s new 3D Chess Game is out

The gaming industry is growing day by day. Every coming day gives us a surprise with new games including action, adventure, fps, and many more. All these games are there to help us refresh from the dull routines of our lives.

It is the most common perception in people that gamers are only teenagers. We in the age of post adult and others can’t play games. But this perception only implements in technology games rather than hard games played in a club or other place.

Though they are help maintain physical health what about mental health and relaxation. Especially in the current pandemic situation when touching each other has become a deadly sin. Humans have like prisoners in their own houses. In that condition, the only thing which was there to make us fit mentally was technology.

Many human psychology experts also told that people who use to play video games are more efficient and more mentally present than people spending their time sleeping or drinking alcohol.

So the hidden diamond in mess is what? Here is what we are going to unearth. A company, Cyber Boy Corp. owned by Sr. Andrade is going to release a 3D Chess game. Maybe you are thinking that what’s uncommon in it as there is already a bundle of 3D chess games there.

Before making your pre judgmental statement about it, have a look at these things.

Sr. Roy Andrade is not the only owner and CTO of Cyber Boy Corp. but a person with extra interest and skills in the gaming industry. He was a teenager when he urged to develop his games and revolutionize the gaming industry with perfect games.

Sr. Roy Andrade said that we all are playing video games since our childhood and there is always something we dislike and uninstall or delete the game. A game is meant to be perfect in all the senses including graphics, sound effects, and animations.

So by considering all these things @CyberBoyCorp has developed a perfect 3D chess game which is the most superior pro of this game. The second noticeable thing in this 3D chess game is that players can compete with each other on different levels and can play with bots.  The prize for the player would be playing is not the fake coins or anything else but the people would be earning real cash by winning the game.

There are many more things to be discovered in this best 3D chess game but Sr. Roy has only made these cues in their interview. Sr. Roy Andrade is not the alone fighter in the field of developing these best games, applications but he also has a team of developers who are highly experts in the gaming and application industry.

Furthermore, the Cyber Boy Corp is believed to dive into the gaming industry deeper by manufacturing gaming consoles and quality gaming gadgets at competitively lower prices.  This No#1 3D chess game would be available to play for android, iPhone, and other gadgets by May 5, 2021. So experience the new level of playing Chess by downloading this game. I think that it would be an interest winning similar to 8BallPool and other games.


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