Survey apps that pay instant cash

There are some surveys to get instant cash. Survey apps that pay instant cash are considered the best ones. Once you create an account on these apps you can start earning straight away. Some apps waste your time with the points system, you make extra effort, by converting points into cash. We will briefly describe some of those below:

  • SurveyTime
  • Qmee
  • Opinion Outpost

A.  SurveyTime:

                                                 SurveyTime as you can understand from its name provides you with surveys to get instant cash. You will be rewarded with $1 instantly for every survey when you complete it. You will select the surveys that you want from a number of surveys and when you need. They will pay you with modern payment gateways like PayPal instantly. The sign-up procedure is free and consumes only 5 minutes maximum. You can also sign-up by using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

SurveyTime is one of the fastest paying survey apps in the world. They make instant PayPal payments. They never want its members to wait after their hard work. It is their member’s right to get paid instantly after all their hard work. They are operating in almost all parts of the world.

B.   Qmee:

                                 Qmee is an app that provides you with surveys to get instant cash. It was founded by Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton in 2012. Qmee is co-headquartered in London and New York, and operates in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. Qmee is a free app compatible with desktops and cell phones. Designed accordingly with its users in mind. It allows you to earn instant cash rewards by giving your opinions via surveys, shopping and searching on the web. They surveys help to develop better products and services.

Qmee apps vision is “revolutionize the way people and brands connect!” Qmee is a very easy app to use and has no minimum withdrawal limits. They are connecting consumers with the brands. Originally, Qmee was a website, but they started the survey business a few years ago.

C.   Opinion Outpost:

                                                               Opinion Outpost is another app that provides us with surveys to get instant cash. Opinion Outpost has a lot of experience in the field, they have been operating in the industry since 2002. They provide us with simple and easy survey opportunities. They simply pay us for giving our opinions. The money that they pay is completely legitimate. They gather our opinions and sell it to companies who use that data for product development. The sign-up process is also free in this app as well.

Opinion Outpost acts according to all rules and regulations and cares about user’s privacy. They do not share their personal info with anyone. Apart from taking surveys you can also earn from testing upcoming products, watching advertisements etc. They have a minimum withdrawal limit of $10.


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