Yoel Young the music sensation from Kathmandu, Nepal

Yoel Young was born on 27th May, 2003 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Yoel Young the 17-year-old Kathmandu -based musical artist who has grossed numerous amount of streams on all platforms. He made his first song just a year prior and from that point forward it has been a quick ascension. While recording the entirety of his melodies in his room with NO label, manager, and NO distribution deal or signed contracts.

There is by all accounts no roof for the youthful star. He gets each pocket on the beats with his appealing melodic vocals and styles. His new single has effectively created countless streams across all DSPs. He keeps on running up his numbers across all stages and extends his fan base.

He says his significant motivations comprise Nav, Juice World, Drake, Travis Scott, and more. Notwithstanding, he says he needs to isolate his sound from theirs and make his own way. His reverence for the way that they promoted themselves pushes his drive to improve and make his name heard by the world. Many craftsmen frequently fail to remember a significant part of the hip bounce industry, marking. In any case, for Yoel Young, he has done exactly that and that’s just the beginning. He has made his name notable and keeps on spreading his music for the world to hear.

Yoel added, “I’m at this point in High school and due to the pandemic, it’s basically less unpredictable to do school and music. I’m into all classes of music so I try to pick parts from different kinds of music and blend them in with my style.”


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