Intercom system for large residental complexes

Intercom system for large residential complexes

Today we will talk about how the intercom system is organized in residential complexes based on IP technology and what are its advantages. Today, IP intercom is an innovative multi-apartment intercom system.
It is used for clubhouses, residential complexes of business, and premium class.
Evaluate all the possibilities of an IP intercom system for a residential complex:

Intercom system for large residental complexes
Intercom system

A residential complex can have any number of apartments, any number of entrances to the territory, any number of entrances and secondary entrances, any number of floors, and any number of concierges and dispatchers. The system is never busy: any number of calls can be made at the same time.

Each resident can view the image from the video cameras of the video surveillance system using an IP indoor monitor or a smartphone with a special mobile application. Playground, parking your car, sports ground, stairwell – all this is now under control at any time!

Neighbors can communicate via intercom, other neighbors can communicate with the concierge, concierges can communicate with each other, and all this at the same time and in any quantity.

Call the elevator to the floor when leaving the apartment? Open the barrier for guests arriving by car? Can I open the parking gate from my smartphone? Yes, it’s simple. An IP intercom system such as BAS-IP has universal IP relays that can handle all of these functions. And not only.

To be aware of news and events in the residential complex, to find out in time about the disconnection of hot water or the repair of the elevator, to receive a daily weather forecast? An IP intercom monitor will help with this. Messages are sent by the concierge using special software. The IP intercom system can be connected directly to your provider’s network, no additional cabling is required.

With the “mobile video intercom” function, intercom calls can be received locally or remotely on mobile phones, as well as on smartphones via 4G using a mobile application

All conversations in the system are recorded. Records may be kept by the dispatcher, concierge, or security guard.
Using the monitor of the IP intercom, as well as on a smartphone or tablet computer equipped with a mobile application, you can view the surveillance cameras installed on the territory and inside the residential complex.
Parking your own car, children’s and sports grounds – you can see everything at any time and from anywhere!

So that repair or maintenance work does not take you by surprise, the management company sends informational text and graphic messages to the monitors of the ip intercom system, informing you in time about the events of the residential complex, news and even the weather forecast! And to receive a birthday greeting from the management company of the residential complex? A trifle, but nice!

With IP intercom you will always be in touch with your home. The mobile application for iOS and Android devices allows you to be at home even when you are on another continent because it has almost all the functions of a stationary IP intercom monitor. See the guest, answer and open the door, view all available cameras, manage all entrances and entrances, contact the concierge and dispatcher, as well as contact neighbors and even call family members. Wherever you are, you will be sure that everything is in order at home!

Setting up an IP intercom system is extremely simple because many manufacturers offer special software for commissioning and configuring equipment. One of the most famous now is BAS-IP Link.
An IP intercom is a high-quality video image of the guest in the intercom monitor, clear voice transmission from the outdoor panel even with strong background street noises, and reliable and trouble-free operation of the system as a whole. Save video of missed calls, call forwarding, and answering machine. IP intercom system BAS-IP, having these advantages, at the same time, will never become obsolete. IP technology allows you to update the software in already functioning devices, improving their performance and adding new features.


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