Quran class and knowledge of the Holy Quran

It is useful to get information about the Quran’s class and knowledge of the Holy Quran’s. It is equally important to know what the Quran is and why Muslims give it important to so much extent, what is the designation of the Quran in Islam?
We can easily answer these questions just in one line,’ the Quran is the final words of one Lord.’ It has bestowed us with the great blessings through these words, and we Muslims believe that there is not any such blessings upon us by Allah Almighty than the holy Quran and Prophet PBUH. The word ‘Quran’ has the meaning of recitation.
We have observed what the importance of the holy book of the Quran is, we need to know that the learning of the holy Quran has equal importance as the book of the Quran, there are two different ways of learning Quran, one is through the traditional way which uses mosques and seminaries as education places and the second is the modern way which is consisted on online Quran classes.
Learning of the Quran is an obligatory act for each Muslim.
The historical account of Quran learning
We all know that the holy book of the Quran was started to reveal on the Prophet PBUH when he announced before the people of Makkah that he was the Prophet of Allah, you were required to follow him. The need was felt that the Prophet PBUH companions should learn the Quran thoroughly because they will have to lead the life according to the teachings of the holy book of the Quran after Prophet Muhammad PBUH. So, Prophet Muhammad PBUH started to make them learn the holy Quran in the Mosque of Prophet PBUH. All the companions of the Prophet came here to learn the holy book of the Quran. Prophet Muhammad PBUH became their teacher and they became the actual students of the Prophet PBUH. After the departure of Prophet PBUH, they made their students to learn the holy Quran ( Surah Hajj )according to the Prophet PBUH’s teaching which they received. So, the entire World saw their level of attitude after Prophet Muhammad PBUH, their reaction was according to the teachings of the Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, so the entire World acknowledged the teachings of the Prophet and trueness of the teachings of Holy book of the Quran.
This relationship of teachers and students continued to grow as usual with passing the time. Even, we are seeing the relationship between teachers and students, but in a new mode, this new model is of the Quran’s online classes. Today, new research in information technology has taken us to the progress of new heights. The internet has become the center of attraction in this whole race because it has enabled our children to attend the classes from their living room’s comforts. This was the total historical account of Quran learning.
Online Mode of Quran learning
Online Quran classes is one of the blessings of information technology, it is the result of continuous research in information technology. The internet has become the center of attraction because it provides the opportunity to attend the class from their home or office.
This is the blessings of the improvement of the field of connectivity which creates the online mode of Quran learning with Quranforkids.com. Now, we have the great benefits of attending the Quran classes from our home; now, it has kept us safe from bearing the difficulties of the way when we go to mosques or seminaries. Now, we have a great way of learning Quran, which allows us to use the benefits of information technology in our favor.
These online Quran classes also have some disadvantages; for example, it does not create a level of confidence, such as created in the traditional system of learning the Quran. Moreover, the absence of the Internet means no class. It means that it is necessary to have a stable internet connection because there is no class if there is no internet.
But, it is often noted that the human-created system also has advantages and disadvantages. Research is being carried out in this field; it will bring a great solution for all of us.
Several people are getting the Holy Quran’s education through online classes of the holy Quran, particularly in western countries, it has been the norm to get the teachings and education of the Quran through online classes. These people hire teachers from Asian and Arab Muslims countries, which provide them and their children the Quran’s education. It is observed that the Asian countries, for example, Pakistan and Bangladesh and the Arab countries particularly Saudi Arabia, are the homes of the best seminaries. The teacher of these countries are hard workers and are able to teach the students of the Quran.
Online Quran classes for different types of students
Several online forums are available on the internet, which are responsible for providing the Quran’s education with others necessary things. There is no criteria for these online forums of the Quran’s education having presence on the Internet. It is necessary for us to be careful while choosing the online forum for the Quran’s education. Commonly, there are two types of students which attend these classes to get the teachings of the Quran; one is the kids for which the parents arrange the online classes of the Quran and the second type of student is adult which could not learn the Quran in their childhood due to any reasons. Many adult students came toward online classes of the Quran, which seems very easy to learn the Quran. We are seeing the rise in the numbers of the students getting education through online Quran classes.
These classes are dependent upon the availability of the internet. The countries in which the availability of a strong internet connection are available, online Quran classes are among the growing trend in these countries.
Why should we know the Holy Quran?
The holy book of the Quran is the text that is of utmost necessity for us if we want to follow Islam’s teachings. Therefore, it is an obligatory act to learn the holy Quran for each Muslim. Several Ahadith and several verses of the Holy Quran confirms the significance of learning the sacred Quran. Some of these Ahdtih and the verses of the Quran are following.
In one of the Hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he said,’ the true and authentic book is the speech of Allah Almighty.’
The present Hadith clarifies the book of the Holy Quran’s status that it is true book from all the books present on Earth. The holy book of the Quran is the divine source of guidance. In one of the Holy Prophet PBUH Ahadith, he said,’ every prophet has been given his miracle, Allah Almighty has bestowed me with the divine inspiration, which is the Holy Quran.’. The holy Quran is the book which is a divine inspiration; it is, in fact, the blessing of Allah Almighty upon us. We cannot be absolutely thankful to Allah Almighty for such a type of blessings.
In another Hadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH, he said, that ‘having any disbelief in the holy Quran will lead to disbelief.’
We know that the present book was sent by Allah Almighty which is always right, he has sent this book for us, owing to his absolute power, we cannot expect that this book may contain on wrong information. Instead, we have the belief that this book was the final words of Allah Almighty, like other divine books, it is right, and we cannot expect any error in it.
Some verses of the holy Quran explain the importance of why Allah sent this book to Allah Almighty.
In Surah Hadeed verse no 9, Allah says in the Holy Quran,
‘ it is he who descends down Ayat( evidence, proofs, signs, and revelation) to his slave so that he may bring you out from darkness to light,’
The holy book of the Quran is the light for the people who are in darkness. It is the guarantee of success for the people who are completely failed in winning the favor of Allah Almighty.
‘The Holy Book of the Quran is the book which are the final words of Allah Almighty. These words have the utmost importance for us, particularly for us at the Day of Judgment. We have to act upon these words; these words are the symbol of success; there is no success if we turn our direction from these words. We should prepare ourselves for this task. Therefore, we should take advantage of this Holy Book which was revealed on our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Its information is complete code of life. So, we can rely over the actual knowledge revealed in the Holy Quran.


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