Kmarie Project do you boo collection

Attention: This is the next BIG THING in fashion and you don’t want to miss it! THE KMARIE PROJECT Collection.

Mikayla Yasmine McClain was only 17 years old when she realized what her “calling” was and introduced to the world, The DO U BOO Expressive Clothing by The KMarie Project. She had a vision, and a goal, and the rest is history (a very interesting one for that matter).

After 3 years of success and stagnation and progress. the now 20-year-old designer, the creator of The KMarie Project – the name you may or may not know is making sure she is “in the know”. KMarie is a fashion line that expresses nothing but freedom, woman empowerment, and of course, a lot of sass!

Kmarie project
Kmarie Project

You should hear the 2 mantras of the KMarie Project and then, you are going to love this brand even more:
DO U BOO! (A Gen Z type of motto that makes you feel empowered and willing to stay yourself in a society that is doing everything to change you.)
Be your own beautiful! (A simple quote, yet so powerful. You don’t have to be beautiful like her, you are beautiful like you.)

Being 17 or even 20 in today’s world is not that simple. From social pressure to unrealistic images on social media – things might not seem so easy. However, if you channel your energy into doing something that makes you feel good, eventually things work out. The KMarie Project is living proof of this.

Kmarie project
KMARIE Project

See for yourself the amazing collection in two locations (for now): 
DaSpot in Brooklyn NY.
The Designers Market in the American Dream Mall in Rutherford NJ.
Other physical locations will be ready soon.

What if you can’t visit the shops?

We got you! Visit and soon you will be able to shop online for every single item from the KMarie Project. 

KMARIE Project fashionable clothes
Kmarie Project

Other avenues are being considered for you to see The KMARIE project collection, including featuring on upcoming TV drama series, films music videos and online…soon. How cool is that? 

Wait, there is more good news!

In 2022, yes, this year: The KMarie will launch a new and exclusive collection, “DO U BOO” Limited Edition.

Kmarie Project do u boo collection
Kmarie Project

Started from the bottom… now we are here!

If you are wondering how a 17-year-old girl was able to create her own brand, Mikayla demonstrated her original ownership and actual entrepreneurship by starting this line with her own money from allowances, making and selling her own handmade wigs, participating in numerous singing engagements, and earning money from summer camp job all while attending school. 

Kmarie Project do you boo collection
Kmarie Project

The KMarie Project’s / DO U BOO line has achieved this level of success, which CBS Anchor Lisa Mateo recognized and put KMARIE in the exclusive club of being listed as one of the 20 under 20 most successful young entrepreneurs.

She almost didn’t have anything when she started, but now she has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

Like most teenagers nowadays (based on psychological evaluations and studies), even Mikayla struggled a lot with her own self, from body image issues to acne breakouts, and therefore, had issues with her self-esteem. However, she somehow managed to turn her insecurities into strength until they were no longer making her insecure. Maybe the secret to all of this is that she decided to follow her dreams, no matter what.

Kmarie Project best collection
Kmarie Project

That being said, this is why we are sure people are going to love the KMarie Project – Because it expresses oneself, in its most original and purest form. She has everything from custom denim to swag bags, Comfort clothing to Luxury Leisure, anywhere attire is what we do. Just understand when you wearing these clothes, you will feel comfortable, empowered, and most important of all, you will feel yourself, without needing to change a thing.

In KMarie, we trust! And we are so excited to see what’s next. 
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