DiDi Encrypted Social Networking APP

For a long time, the Internet social networking products are free for people to use. However, the cost is that personal information is treated as platform products and sold. Because the main profit model of Internet social media is to analyze user behavior data and provide advertisers with accurate advertising. Georges Abi-Heila, a Facebook user, posted on medium that Facebook “sold” him to 21 advertisers, who have access to his data. The analyzed data mainly includes the user’s personal information stored on social platforms, including status, information, friends, photos, videos, comments, and activities. These data have unlimited data storage period, detailed photo metadata, rich login and session data points, and even facial recognition.

Information leakage incidents are not limited to Facebook. Many current software uses Internet technology to monitor user data, summarize user behavior and habits, and label users to achieve accurate commercial advertising and reach. Because of this, news of information leakage and information trafficking is often exposed.

Social platforms represented by Facebook, WeChat, What’s app, Twitter, etc. have improved the immediacy and diversification of communication with a highly centralized model, but have neglected privacy and security. With the gradual exposure of Internet data privacy and security issues, the public’s awareness of privacy is awakening. In addition, since the birth of the Internet, people have generated massive amounts of data on the Internet. When all traces of life in a person’s life become data and remain online, privacy and security will inevitably become a rigid need, and even a basic need in the digital age.

Leonard Cohen said that everything has cracks and that is where the light comes in. Blockchain technology has brought dawn to the information security bottleneck that the Internet cannot break through. With the exploration of blockchain technology applications, blockchain social networking will become a new generation of social applications.

Blockchain security social platform application-DiDi message (DiDi for short), starting from the rigid needs of user privacy and security, based on the blockchain technology, came into being. From the beginning of research and development, DiDi has determined its development direction: “Leveraging on the technological advantages of the blockchain, safeguarding everyone’s social security, expanding the diverse digital ecosystem, and building a new life in the digital economy”.

As a new generation of end-to-end encryption technology mobile social application, DiDi takes a safe social experience as the entry point for user needs, and uses blockchain encryption technology to maximize protection and privacy. At present, DiDi has been launched in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, with English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Chinese and other 10 language versions, meeting the needs of global users for safe social networking .

More than just social. In the future strategic layout of DiDi, it will rely on safe social networking as an entry point to build a diversified digital asset platform covering social networking, information, entertainment, payment, and transactions, and expand the use of scenarios for people in the digital economy as much as possible. It is the ambition of DiDi’s strategic layout and the continuous maturity of blockchain products that make DiDi a sought-after object for institutions and platforms that want to enter digital assets around the world. At present, not only Fidelity Investment, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Bain Capital, KKR, Oaktree Capital and other leading investment institutions have been in in-depth negotiations with DiDi, but many traditional financial exchanges around the world have also actively contacted and are interested in becoming DiDi. Partners to work together in the development and trading of digital assets.

I believe that in the near future, the combination of DiDi and the world’s top capital forces will definitely build more bridges between safe social networking and digital assets, and make greater contributions to the digital economy era and the change of new lifestyles.

Company Name: DiDimessage

Contact Person: Phoenix

Email: Send Email

Country: United States

Website: https://didimessage.com


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