BUKA International SMS Platform

The development of the Internet of Things brings new growth points to the enterprise SMS business, and its advantages are becoming apparent. It can help enterprises improve user experience, ensure service quality, and perform many functions during the whole process. Like, user ID registration verification, third-party payment security, SMS notification of shopping orders, and information prompt of logistics distribution.

Enterprise mobile information service has become an indispensable part of the development of Internet enterprises. It is expected that the demand will further expand in the future.

According to the analysis of market survey report of enterprise SMS industry, affected by Internet communication, mobile SMS service and point-to-point SMS service appear different directions of development.

The demand surge for information authentication SMS services on Internet platforms has provided great market space for the enterprise SMS service industry. It promoted the rapid rise of the enterprise SMS service scale, which is about 40 billion yuan in 2022.

To catch the trend of enterprise SMS industry development, Shenzhen Skyline Investment Holding Co., LTD. (China Skyline) has launched a new SMS platform – BUKA.

As the advantages of bulk SMS messaging become more apparent, more and more companies are adopting bulk SMS messaging as their promotional tools.

International SMS platforms naturally also received the attention of many enterprises.

Corporations of different industries are cooperating with BUKA. It involves cross-border e-commerce, cross-border logistics, overseas games, overseas social APP, overseas online education, finance, and other industries.

In order to follow the pace of the development of the time, BUKA is also constantly refining its products.

At present, BUKA international SMS platform 3.0 has been launched, and the product business is divided into two parts: international SMS and international voice.

BUKA SMS Services

Verification SMS: Used for registration, login, login exception, password forgets, information change, payment confirmation, etc.

Notification SMS: Service notification, logistics notification, order notification, consumption confirmation, expiry reminder, invoice reminder, payment notification, etc., increasing the user experience.

Marketing SMS: Birthday care, festival marketing, event invitation, new product launch, brand publicity notice, etc., enhancing the stickiness between enterprises and users, so as to promote the transaction rate.

Voice SMS: Inform users of information through AI voice broadcast. It can be free from interception, quickly and easily touch the user.

BUKA Voice Services

Call Center: Build trust with customers through voice communication. Quickly answer users’ doubts. Efficiently guide users to handle business matters, improve brand image and enhance user satisfaction in communication.

Group Calls: One-click group call reaches users efficiently. It improves user accuracy and enterprise satisfaction while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Please check here for more details: BUKA.


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