Diners will be able to experience an astonishing new food court this year when the Adina Healthy Village opens in Hialeah Park on October 23, 2021 following months of planning, brainstorming, and mind-blowing improvements. The family-friendly establishment is dedicated to serving delectable, high-quality meals at a reasonable price.

The all-new Adina Healthy Village was designed with guests in mind, and the spectacular new facility will provide something for everyone: from DJs and live performances to kid’s games and amusing characters.

Naturally, food is at the center of the stage, and Adina Healthy Village offers customers a wide array of cuisines. Guests may enjoy great dining options, such as Chicken Breast Milanese, Grilled Shrimp Kebob, and Churrasco Steak. Salads, pizzas, and wonderful desserts are also available. High-quality cuisine is provided at very low pricing by the people behind the establishment to ensure that everyone can enjoy the facility. Regular happy hour drinks will also be served, while children may enjoy free ice creams.

The Hialeah park offers stunning views and buildings from the 20th century, while guests can also see many flamingos. Shortly, Hialeah Park will introduce a new tourist attraction, Santa’s Enchanted Forest.          

Additionally, Adina Brunetti, the founder of Adina Healthy Village, stated, “We are really happy to introduce Adina Healthy Village. It’s the end of many months of hard labor, and we can’t wait to welcome our guests. Our objective is to offer customers great quality meals in a lively and entertaining ambiance that the whole family loves.”

Adina Healthy Village will officially open on October 23. 2021. The public is welcome to join in on the festivities and personally experience the special food and family-friendly ambiance. Guests will be treated to surprises throughout the big opening, complimentary food, special offers, and children’s entertainment.

“Hialeah residents adore music, and this ancient structure is an ideal gathering spot for food, beverages, and entertainment,” said George, a frequent visitor to Hialeah Park and an active part of the Hialeah community. “And opening a food court here is fantastic.”

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