A Guide to Electric Scooters For Kids

Over the last few years, a lot of kids are riding electric scooters. They are fun to rise but can also be quite dangerous if you don’t adhere to the safety rules accordingly. If you buy an electric scooter for your child, make sure they ride it attentively and carefully. Note that, most accidents can be attributed to when kids lose concentration as they ride their electric scooters. Here are some of the top safety rules to enforce when your kid is riding an electric scooter.

1.         Wearing Protective Gear

Your kid is bound to get into an accident at any time when riding an electric scooter. That’s why they must always wear protective gear when riding a kids electric scooter. You can’t go overboard when it comes to the safety of your child. Here are some types of protective gear you can buy for your child who loves riding scooters.

•           Helmet

•           Mouthguard

•           Shoulder straps

•           Elbow straps

•           Gloves

•           Knee straps

•           Ankle caps

2.         Inspect The Tires

If the tires on the electric scooters are in great condition, you will contribute greatly to your child’s safety. Since you can’t always be there when your child is riding their electric scooter, you should teach them how to inspect the tires accordingly. You should check the tire pressure and the general condition of the tire. You should also inspect the tread on the tire to determine whether it is safe to ride or needs replacement.

3.         Watch The Road And The Surroundings

You need to train your child to concentrate on the road fully and become observant enough when riding the scooter. That way, they can react fast to any incidents that might happen. They need to maintain proper eye contact on the whole road to ensure their scooter is on the right path.

4.         Watch For Imperfections On The Road

Teach your child how to look for imperfections on the road when riding their scooter. They should be on the lookout for potholes, speed bumps and puddles. These imperfections are attributed to a lot of accidents. Teach your kid to avoid panicking and always swerve when approaching a speed bump or pothole especially at a high speed.

When this happens, your child should always remain calm and slow down as they brace for impact. That way, they can avoid falling off the scooter or collide with other motorists on the road. When puddles form on the road during the rainy seasons, your kid should ride their electric scooter slowly to avoid damage.

5.         Slippery Surfaces

Your children should be extra cautious when driving electric scooters on slippery surfaces such as muddy roads, wet roads or over railway lines. Keep in mind that these surfaces are tough to navigate. Make sure your child maintains a relaxed speed so they can navigate the scooter with ease.

6.         The Art Of Applying Brakes

Most kids always make a common mistake when riding electric scooters and that’s applying the front brakes. Remember, doing so increases the likelihood of the scooter slipping. It’s prudent to use the rear brakes and maintain a steady motion when braking.

You should teach your kid about gentle braking. If the brakes are applied aggressively, the scooter is likely going to lock in the wheels. When this happens, it throws off the balance of the electric scooter and your child will end up falling off the scooter. Your kid should learn how to apply brakes gently as they bring the scooter to a steady stop gently.

7.         Be Calm And Relaxed When Riding In The Rain

Riding an electric scooter in the rain can be quite frightening especially for kids who have a long way to go before they get home. Well, if this happens, you should teach your kid how to remain calm and avoid panicking. They should always maintain a relaxed mind so they can navigate their electric scooter calmly when on the road.

With these amazing safety tips, your kid can enjoy riding their electric scooter without worrying about falling off.


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