Da Real Boe Dilly and Lil Trill fwst

Da Real Boe Dilly

“Da Real Boe Dilly” is an alternative/indie genre musician originated from G-street Clayton, LA, USA. He grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and the real name of the Da Real Boe Dilly is My’Ja A’Vel Thompson. He had passion for music from his childhood. Music is an art form or cultural activity that include the creation of works of music. From ancient time we enjoy music, we make music, we play music, music is life for some people.

Da Real Boe Dilly sings in alternative/indie genre. Alternative is anything that is not mainstream, initially meant to describe music without a genre. Indie is a band not signed to a major label, and has nothing to do with sound, bands should not be classifying their music as “Indie” if they are signed, because they are not. He has not hit the mainstream but is very talented singer, and he has performed in two states so far, Louisiana and Mississippi.

He is 23 years old and has chosen his career as musician. He had loved music and it has always been part of his life from very young age. According to this young singer ‘Music is my life and life is the most beautiful thing to have. So, choosing the career that we love and have passion for is very necessary. Music is the only thing that I love beside life”. When we do what we do with love then the outcome is almost perfect.

Da real boe dilly
Da Real Boe Dilly

He grew up with 2ManyDreams (Dwayne Kennedy) in SW3 (Sherwood) and gives credit of inspiration for becoming musician to him. They created music together and created a group named as “Lil Ville”. He has a lot of respect and honor for Mr. Kennedy whom with he struggled and learned many things from him. Snoop Dogg, Durk and Piles/Rick Ross are motivation for Da Real Boe Dilly.

Mr. Dilly has a creative process of the five P’s which are “Proper presentation prevents poor performance”. This means one must be prepared properly and has worked hard to perform the best of him. When a person has practiced enough only then can he avoid poor performancees. This has helped him to become a good musician is such a young age. He is also working to launch his first album named as “Blood, Sweat and Tears“.

Da Real Boe Dilly is hard-working, young and talented singer. He has a show coming up on 23rd April 2021 at Club Super, Alexendria, LA. He is also busy getting ready for tours nowadays. Many fans are waiting for him to perform and to entertainment his fans with his extra ordinary performance. He believes no one is perfect and one must love himself because if we don’t then nobody will forever.


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