Mark Smith UFC referee

The Honest Plant Based Protein Company And Their Collaboration With Mark Smith

The Honest Plant is one the best and fastest growing companies in America. The company produces plant based protein products that are made in hygienic environment with chemical free processing. They also provide fitness plans and meal plans under the supervision of professional trainers. Their ‘Immune Booster’ is a natural dietary supplement extracted from natural resources, it boosts the immune system to fight deadly viruses like Covid-19. It is also benificial for respiratory system and stress responses.

The Honest Plant recently collaborated with the Mark Smith who is a UFC referee and has also served as a fighter pilot into the military. Mr. Smith was also featured on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ which is a Spotify-exclusive audio and video podcast hosted by American comedian and television host Joe Rogan. By 2015, it was one of the world’s most popular podcasts, regularly receiving millions of views per episode, also including a wide array of guests on the show.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, The UFC referee said that that being a referee is one of the hardest jobs in the sport, calling it “so much harder than anything other than fighting”. In a discussion about early stoppages, he remarked on how tough it can be to make the decision to halt a fight, at risk of both the fighters and the audience getting angry. “Judging is kinda hard, but they can hide. Like, you’re on TV,” he said to Mark, “you’re right there. If it happens, and if it’s you that makes a bad call, then all the hate comes your way.”

Rogan also recalled the fight between Tim Sylvia and Frank Mir in 2004, in which referee Herb Dean stopped the fight after Sylvia’s arm broke. Joe revealed that the audience was booing the decision to stop the fight until he showed them a graphic video of the incident. Mr. Smith graduated at the United States Air Force Academy, and he served as a fighter pilot for many years. What’s more, he was one of the first African Americans to join the elite demonstration team, the popular “Thunderbirds”. He also believes in plant based proteins that are very nature friendly good to live a healthy life. Since his recent collaboration with the company many fans and sports people are waiting for what’s coming.

In short, The Honest Plant Protein Company is dedicated to produce plant based products that are of the best quality, environment friendly, safe to use, and also help to care for mother nature. The goal is to make a unique formula with maximum use of organic ingredients that will make us fit and healthy for lifetime. The company’s recent collaboration with Mark Smith who also supports plant based protein nutrition for becoming fit and healthy as well as using environment friendly products.


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