Best storage facility in USA

Storage West a secure self storage facility in Western USA

Every person needs to store something at some point in his life whether it is summer or winter clothes, electronics, vintage vehicles to store or any other asset that can be stored. But there is always issue of the space for storing, and people end up dumping something because of the unavailability of the space. Situations like these require modern solution like hiring a self storage facility. The question is that is there any storage facility secure enough to store our valuable items.

Storage West is the one of the most secure self storage facility that serves in four different states with more than fifty locations. This storage business has experience of more than 40 years with thousands of satisfied clients who trust their service and continue to use it. The company allocates all of its resources to make it secure and clean environment for users. This service can be rented online as well.

The staff at Storage West is very professional and trained who are available day and night for any kind of the guidance a customer needs. There are annual conferences held for the training of the staff to keep up with the modern methods and technologies for making the storage service smoother and more convinenet. They provide guarantee for the low cost and high quality secure self storage facility. Their rental also includes free move in truck service which means the person will be stress free regarding moving process.

Storage West.
Pack your stuff with Storage West

Storage West also covers the damage to 3000 dollars in case of any misfortune happen with the storage unit. They have a “Business Pass” plan which is a very helping hand if you are doing a business or if you are busy or out of town. The staff will receive your package that is delivered and safely keep it in your storage unit without your presence. RV, car and boat storage is also available where you have an option to store it outside or inside. Indoor storing also comes with air cooling storage where bikes, motorcycle or other parts can be stored and protected from the weather changes.

Packing and moving has been made easy by Storage West. One can find all the moving and packing supplies on site. The friendly managers will also assist with the type of the supplies you need with the right size of packing boxes. If you have rented this service, you can avail 50% discount on all moving and packing supplies.

Storage West is clean, safe and secure storage facility with many satisfied clients who refer their service to many people. This service is best for people who want to work from home, by using these storage units one can make space in the house where he can make an office and work from home. One can have a beautiful office without giving up any belongings and all the stuff will be stored safely in the storage unit.


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