Sal jobe

Sal Jobe; A Diversified Rising Star

Sal Jobe is a British actor, model, entrepreneur, professional sports agent, author and television personality. He was born on 25 November 1990 at Hackney, East London, UK. Salum Jobe better known as Sal Jobe is of Gambian descendant, and is fluent in English and Wolof language. The Gambia is West Africa’s smallest non-island country having population of less than 3 million, and is known for the beaches along its small Atlantic coastline. Jobe completed his education from Chingford Foundation school and started playing football in the same school. Sal Jobe played football for numerous conference clubs, including Luton town FC.

At age of 15, Jobe became Walthamstow Forest borough champion and has set the fastest time and record for 200 m of 21.40 seconds. Despite having all the capabilities of an athlete mentally, physically and after competing in different athletic championships Mr. Jobe realized that something was missing that would take him to the top. Jobe did not have the agent at that time who would pull strings and provide him the opportunities and get him to the bigger clubs. After that he diverted his career in to acting. Jobe played significant roles in movies including The Legend Of Tarzan as Kuba native and Star Wars. He has been named as a rising star actor by Essex-TV.

Keeping in mind the need of an athlete to have an agent for successful career and bigger projects, Jobe became professional sports agent and founded Next Level Consultants, an agency that offers full service management and advisory services to professional athletes. After having a career of 10 years in the field, he has made quite a name in the industry serving clients professionally. He has been quoted as the next generation agent and has secured signings over 12 countries serving variety of athletes from heavyweight champion boxers, footballers to elite class athletes and more. He is considered responsible for bringing Jarrell big baby Miller to the UK to be managed by Wasserman Media Group in 2018.

Sal Jobe is multi talented personality and is very much diversified being amazing author. His writing style is liked so much that his debut book ‘The Agent Game’ sold out on its debut release week. The book is about being sports agent and merits and demerits of this career. Mr. Jobe has also announced to release another book this year based on inspiration. The book would contain exclusive interviews of amazing people like Keith chapman, the creator of Bob the builder and paw patrol, also features footballers musicians, fashions designers and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.

In short, Sal Jobe is one of the most diversified rising star in the industry who have achieved so much in a very limited time. He started out working with some of the biggest PR agencies in the UK, while doing, so he was able to build his network and talent base, which ultimately lead towards starting his own agency. Mr. Jobe is most professional personality who has faced many obstacles that life throws, but he believes what matters most is our attitude and how we tackle it. Achieving milestones and success in many different industries is very rare, and is a proof of the person’s diversification.


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