Aaron x6

Aaron X6 is an upcoming artist who is on the rise 👀

An artist who doesn’t lie in his raps {aaronx6} aaronx6 is from Virginia he grew up without a dad and had no lights in the house for a while as a kid and hardly any food on the table. He hated school from the beginning was always cool with everyone wasn’t a popularity issue considering he was the class clown always acting crazy had everyone always laughing.

Aaron x6
Aaron x6 performing live.

After his grandparents died he became very different and starting acting extra crazy diagnosed with depression and just over everything dropped out and started a half street lifestyle in a different city because his childhood home was caught on fire lived with his ex for a week in Elpaso but her family put him in a homeless shelter than he was forced to move with his dad in Missouri where his father tried to control him and he tried to be abusive but aaronx6 picked him up and dumped him on his back and slammed him against the wall was arrested a couple times.

That’s where he found himself rapping for the first time and he had a lot of haters saying he sucked but they just motivated him to get better and he wanted it more and more started hitting studios where people started liking his freestyle flow and he built it up got some equipment of his own and tried to learn the engineering process with 0 success and constant irritation and overwhelming songs not sounding good enough he just wouldn’t give up.

Aaron x6
Aaron x6

He started searching for an engineer and that’s when he reached out to a fellow musician on Instagram named tony lit who just happened to be a engineer on the side owner of detox studios and a really big help in the evolution of his sound and he is thriving more than ever to make that dream come true he has an album out that has 1.1 million streams on Instagram and tons of Shazam’s on Apple Music and has been dropping singles everyday for a week straight and now he’s gonna be dropping an album dropping in December be on the look out he is going crazy 😤😤

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronx6/


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