The world isn’t lit without Tony! TONY LIT (@tonylitofficial)

Coming from Lakewood, New Jersey Tony Lit is a talented Emcee, Audio Engineer, Podcast Host, Photographer the man is a walking entrepreneur. You name it he does it, (@detoxstudios) is his studio / brand (@wedemboyz.podcast) is his podcast show along with Dini Lamar.

Tony started making music when he was younger and used to go by the name “Gringo The Rapper” he changed his name in 2017 and fully rebranded his whole style. He remained true to the culture and grew as a much more intelligent artist. Back in the day his main concern was lyrics but once he grew into the artistry he realized flows, cadence and swagger play a major part in how a whole song could come out.

Tony Lit has songs with other artists in his state as well such as “Red Freck, Rioma, Prospec, Tommy Traina, C Minor, DPoppinz, Milk7td, and many more”. Tony records majority of his music with his long time engineer “Mixedbyrey” and his other engineer “DJ Direckt”. He likes to make all different kinds of music and is really versatile at what he does. From a lyrical song to a banger the talent doesn’t stop. You could also find him riding any beat he gets on.spoti

Tony LIT
Tony Lit

Tony’s photographer Correy is at his side to get some of his best angles and shots to make his ig look more popping than ever she’s been along side Tony for about three years now to make sure he always got content to put out. Tony’s done videos with some of the best videographers out in jersey from “Director Gambino, MrIAmDigital, Grant Lake, MunkMade And JSLVSH” the visuals are better than ever.

Tony works with plenty of artists at his recording studio. He’s recorded and mixed songs from artists such as “Cminor, Milk7td, Justin Case, Pvnk Ra, Jonii Jon, Kay Ceo, Kells Benji, K Boogi, Lil Rax Vybz, Go Hard, X-Santino, Q.Esco, Red Freck, King Phresh, S.J Dubb, Pressure Maxwell, ITSTHEFEEL, DPoppinz, French Kilo, DNA Strands, Goodvibesdavis, Matic Beats, Aaronx6, Chuck1k, Missed Calls, Mackeywiseone, YB D’Nero, Blvze Capone, Flex, Romance The Kid, DemiGawd, daegotbxndz, LB Shotta, LB Savage, Jae Alexus, Naldo, Dope DNA, Dizzy Racks, SoSavage, Naldo, Keyvon Forbes, GK Lotto, JS Banks, Fatboy Kado, Ban, D Hood, and many more.


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