Demo gamer


One of the most popping gaming content creators but yet vastly underrated who goes by the name of Demo (@demxlisher), is a Video Game Content Creator and Music promoter in which he combines the two talents into one, taking music and integrating it into his clips and promoting the work of underground artists who are looking for their chance to shine.

Demo is a creator who has been active for almost 5+ years on Instagram, posting gaming content from Cod, Fortnite, GTA and much more. In his latest run he has been consistently on the grind every day with a two year posting streak on Instagram and plans on continuing this as it has went from a hobby to an actual job. Demos amazing come up started in 2020 as he more than doubled his following count from 2,000 to 5,000 and boasted over 200,000 views a month in late 2020. He is someone who looks for opportunities and takes it as he is known for his many collabs with artists, Demo not only takes one thing that he loves and posts it but combined another thing that he loves and combined them into one. Gaming Music Promotions.

Demo has hit some of the most insane clips in the gaming community and is always striving to do better, many have mentioned in the past that he is “one of the best players I have ever met, across all games”, from Search and Destroy clutches to Killchains and Nuclears, to Squad Wipes and insane sniping feeds he is a very versatile player. Demos content can be found across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok under the name ‘demxlisher’ in which he posts on Instagram everyday grinding to make it to the top.

Demo got his idea of promoting music in his gaming clips after one day he was editing his clips while listening to some music sent by a friend, he realized the music and the action in the video fit well and decided to take a further step and start promoting music and make it an official business. Since then he has done over 100 promotions and even got sponsored by Oivogames, a company that creates and sells video game accessories.

Demos run is far from over as he is having no breaks and is consistently ensuring the best quality gaming content and has a huge supportive following from many verified creators and his fellow friends and family.




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