Marvylus Raised The Standards Of Colorado Hip Hop With His Freestyle And Rapping.

Music is an art of arranging sounds of different types. There are many types of music such as jazz, classic, rap and hip hop etc. Every person has a different taste of favorite music. Rapping and hip hop has always been favorite taste of majority of American people. These genres require years of experience and hard work to be able to reach on the top of hip hop game.

Among such rappers and hip hop artists who achieved fame in very short time is Marvin Moore artistically known as Marvylus. He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States Of America, on April 12, 1996 to a black dad from Shreveport, Louisiana and Caucasian mother from Peoria, Illinois. Marvylus was fond of rapping at a very young age. He started free styling at the age of 13, and started recording at the age of 18 just after completing High School.

In 2017, Marvylus officially released his first album known as ‘A Marvylus Death’ which grabbed the attention of many people in the industry. His rapping style was unique and innovative which opened many career opportunities and offers for him. He is inspired by Notorious B.I.G. and many other highly influential Hip Hop/Rap Artists. Singing and rapping ultimately became his passion. He also released singles and other albums like ‘Marvylus Tape’ and ‘Marvy’ in 2019 and did many shows.

The rapper is also a member of LoUd Life Crew. LoUd Life Crew was founded by Justin Dejesus aka SwizZy B in 2012 to give opportunity and platform to the surrounding talent. Being member gave him opportunity to work with the rappers, high profile musicians and artists such as Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan, Skippa Da Flippa, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, Snow Tha Product, Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Shoreline Mafia, B.o.B, Shwayze, and many more!

Marvylus is working on many upcoming projects and singles. One of the newest single ‘Nobody’ is produced by him as well. Rapping is not an easy job, it requires set of skills and confidence to perform specially in front of the audience. Marvylus is very talented rapper who expresses his life experiences through his beats and music.

In Short, Marvylus is one of the best growing rappers of our time who have aced the game of rapping and singing. Recently, he did a show which was also a successful show in Colorado Springs with YBN Nahmir, an American rapper, songwriter, and actor. Marvylus is also active on social media like Instagram and Twitter where he connects with his fans who are inspired by his freestyle and follow his lifestyle.


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