Sr. Roy Andrade’s Journey From Cyber Boy Corp. To Becoming An Author

There are few people in this world who are multi talented and have ability to succeed in different business ventures. Not all people are born with such gifts. Success in a business is dependent on the attitude of the person towards his business. Today, it takes a lot to succeed in business due to high level living standards, and potential rise in the price of commodities. Among such people who are multi talented and have ability to run successful businesses is Sr. Roy Andrade.

Sr. Roy Andrade is one of the most successful entrepreneur and IT professional. He is also founder of the Cyber Boy Corp. which is a software and technology company based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, United States Of America. The company specializes in cybersecurity service with an aim to protect the data from hackers. The company is also operating all over the world providing quality services to their clients.

Cyber Boy Corp. entered the gaming industry this year. They have a new 3D video game in production which will be released this year later. The company is also in process of producing several mobile applications. Chief Technology Officer, Sr. Roy Andrade is famous for his top-notch services in Europe, Asia and USA. Recently, he announced to launch his dairy as his first book as an author in the market.

Sr. Roy Andrade is working on his new book which was originally his personal diary that he wants to be published as a book. The book is going to be released later this year and the price of the book is yet to be announced. The book is all about the life experience, struggle, ups and downs of Sr. Roy. His book will be source of motivation for people and his fans who admire him, and are interested in his lifestyle.

This book contains happy events, moment of sorrow and joy, success story and the hardship and efforts it takes to be successful. All life of Sr. Roy Andrade is summarized in a book for his fans to see how he managed to overcome difficult situations, hard times and how he became successful businessman after years of hard work. This book will be available on all major book stores worldwide.

Sr. Roy Andrade was also nominated by Dr. Rich Schultz of the University of Phoenix in The National Society of Leadership and Success for his services. He is going to publish his book with the help of his inner circle at Cyber Boy Corp. who admire him a lot as a leader on different platforms. He is also active on social media like Instagram where he connects with his fans from all over the world. His fans and followers can not wait to read this book. Looking at his history as a businessman, it looks like this book is going to be a huge success.

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