Big Sailor Baby musician from USA

Big Sailor Baby And His Music Journey

Big Sailor Baby is an artist that details most of his songs about relationships from his past. Average Typical was a concept Big Sailor Baby had for a modern hyper-pop/party felt song that showcases a strong melodic voice with heavy uses of auto-tune across big 808s. Average Typical is for the boys who drive girls crazy by mocking how goofy their current boyfriends are in stating that she is better off with him instead. (FYI original song with limited use of informal language is available but not intended for younger audiences)

Featuring Big Sailor Baby would allow new listeners to find and enjoy this new emerging artist’s music and potentially converting them to new fans because he has a sonically similar sound to their currently favorite industry artists/musicians and by being a positive reinforcement for recovery and mental health through personal experience he is able to directly relate to struggling fans looking to reach out.

Dynamic, passionate and lyrically inclined. Big Sailor Baby is a committed independent artist/songwriter/producer based in Miami, FL. Having been influenced by music early on in his life by his father’s guitar playing and singing, Sailor spent his entire school education in choir and band programs. By 2014, Big Sailor Baby started recording DIY and engineering his own music production.

The main motivating factor that drives Big Sailor Baby to be and do more directly relates to his past failures as a teen and young adult struggling with drug abuse and rehabilitation. Having had a successful 5 years sobriety and recovery, his current influence for music stems from his past relationship issues. His current sound influence can range in diversity which places him in a few genres such as Pop, R&B, Afro Beats, Dancehall, Hyper-pop and Hip-Hop/Rap. His current similar artists range from J.I., Lil Uzi Vert, NAV, Drake, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, The Kid Laroi, Baby Keem, Russ and 24kGoldn.


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