Aman Patel

Aman Patel’s BitNeuro, A Crypto Trading App Sold To UK Based Tech Company.

Aman Patel is the successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of Dishision app, Divine app and two tobacco companies in Germany and United Kingdom(UK), and used to own ‘Fly Me Out Take Me Out’ app that was later sold. Due to the high risks involved in launching a start-up people take extra care while investing. However, an entrepreneur is the one who designs, launches and runs a new business bearing all the profit and losses associated with it. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be risk takers.

Aman Patel has been taking risks by investing in to businesses from the age of 17 years old. At that time he invested into clothing and Dropbox style file sharing website. He waited several months to be partnered with the OpenTable for his app and had meetings with them. He made a people dating app ‘Fly Me Out Take Me Out’, which was later sold to a Swedish company called FING Tech for an undisclosed amount. He also owns Divine Apps, a mobile app development company. Divine Apps developed an app called BitNeuro.

BitNeuro is a cryptocurrency trading app that became popular and was sold to a UK based tech company. Aman Patel originated the marvelous idea of Dishision app, which is a social dinning experience app and concierge service for top class restaurants around the world. Being an entrepreneur, he has ability to develop, organize and operate the business. Working hard day and night, consistency in his positive attitude towards his career made him one of the successful entrepreneur of our time.

Aman Patel plans to expand to wealth management and make investments to help high network individuals, so that they can diverse their portfolios into more modern business ventures. Business ventures that people have very little or no knowledge of, and which they may have missed off. He also wants to educate them about innovative business ideas, benefits of taking risks and exploring.

Dishision app is the most popular app among others, Aman Patel is working to make this app one of the best concierge service provider, and an app for socialites that enjoy finer things in life. This app makes it very easy to have access to popular restaurants, their prices and everything we need to know before dinning there. We can also check their special dishes and other offer. All of these benefits together on our fingers make this app special.

Aman Patel is also active on social media having 14k followers on Instagram where he connects with people. At a very young age, he is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs and business startups, who are still struggling. No doubt, he is one of the best entrepreneurs and businessman of our time.


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