Amber In India, Past And Now.

Amber has a certain recognition and value from antiquity. It is often presented as a gemstone, however, in reality it is not exactly a stone or gemstone, it is fossilized tree resin. It is formed over time into hard rock consistency. To turn into amber the resin has to survive living in bacteria, microorganisms, exposure to sunlight, extremely high and extremely low temperatures. From the ancient times it has value and is appreciated due to its colors, natural beauty and qualities it carries. India is also among one of the countries where amber has been praised and valued and is used as a folk medicine from very longtime.

There are many types of amber available in all over India and in many colors like orange, brown, yellow, whitish, pale lemon yellow, brown, almost black and even blue amber, which is rare and highly sought after. Gemstone industry in also growing in India due to increase in demand of gemstones. There are many reasons people value these amber, they wear it or keep one with them. Amber is used as jewelry, ornaments and source of medicine in India. The amber is known for insects entombed in them like bees, termites or spider etc, and it can be worn as a ring, bracelet or pendant depending on the choice of the person wearing.

Amber necklaces are common in India, modern people and people who do not believe in gemstones wear these as a style and some people wear it due to its spiritual powers and for its purported healing properties. Indians believe amber can heal our body, clean our body, mind and spirit. By wearing it, one can kill depression and promote self-confidence means one can be healthy of mind. The older the amber is, the more powerful it is. Natural amber has the power to penetrate positive energy that uplifts the mood.

Amber is also known as Kaharau in India. The price of amber stone in India starts form 3 dollars per carat and can reach more than 50 dollars per carat depending upon the quality and uniqueness of the amber. Recently, the international team of professional excavators found a 50 million years old amber of 150 kg produced by ancient rainforest in Gujrat, India. It is called Cambay amber because it was found in coal mines from Cambay Shale.

In India, it is also believed that amber can cure joint related problems. It helps to purify our soul and body. By wearing it, it improves nervous system and eliminates negativity around us. These amber can be found in every city in India, majority of people love to wear these by making astonishing jewelries with amber of different types. These are also available by our name, when we tell our name, the person will suggest the best amber that fits our personality. Amber has all of these powers due to the time it is under the earth taking energy from it.


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