Enzo Day creator of SoClose

Enzo Day’s “SoClose” Is Famous For Its Digital Innovations.

World has changed, it has become more digital than ever. Due to increase in number of smartphones and advancement in digitalization, people want to save time and energy by doing everything digitally. All of these digital websites, softwares and apps run on codes that are written in computer language called coding. All of these softwares, apps, websites and graphic designing are made by some developer or a company. Enzo Day’s ‘SoClose’ is an innovative digital platform for these type of services and its philosophy is based on peer to peer approach.

SoClose is a digital factory company that provide high quality web development, graphic art, lead generation, business branding and consulting etc. SoClose develops its own CMS modules like CRM, project management and accounting etc. The company also has skill in lead generation for key industries like energy, training and media. SoClose is based on peer learning, and peer learning is an educational practice in which people interact with each other to attain collective goals. It is a collaborative and agile approach that helps to learn some skills that seem very complex.

Enzo Day is the French web developer and owner of the SoClose. He is the self-taught hard-working who launched his digital factory company at the age of 22. He was passionate about digital from his childhood. At the age of 14, he developed his own website called “Fiches Up”. Fiches Up was dedicated to prepare for French college exams. At the age of 18, he decided to learn to code and dedicated his full time to pursue career in coding. This experience offered him opportunity to meet coding experts. Within 2 years, he had made many websites for his clients.

SoClose also provides consulting which helps to understand how you engage people to deliver results, social media growth which is a strategic advertising and security improvement to prevent malicious activity by performing full website security audits. They also do business branding to create powerful brands and monitoring session to eliminate costly technical issues. SoClose is the capacity to share closely with others your best. It is a great place to collaborate and serves as a market place where people could exchange and develop exciting projects.

In short, Enzo Day’s SoClose is very innovative digital platform which has ability to design creative solutions and allow the evolution of new concepts. He believes life is hard, but we should never quit, believing on that he achieved so much in very short time. Apart from entrepreneurship, coding and web development etc, Enzo Day is very passionate about golf. He plays golf on a national level in France. His company develops his own CMS with several modules and plans to transform into SAAS mode in the future.

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