Rimpy Hothi, real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Rimpy Hothi is Breaking The Barriers By Empowering The Women Of The Future.

Women empowerment is something that many women are struggling to achieve. Empowerment means people having power and control over their own lives. There are many ways a woman can be empowered in our community like boosting her self-esteem, advocating for women colleagues, shutting down negativity and supporting women run businesses. Among such people who have worked their whole life empowering women is Rimpy Hothi.

Rimpy Hothi is a Canadian born real estate agent and founder of the ‘Rimpy Hothi PREC’ which is a personal real estate corporation. She is the perfect example of people who started from zero and make it to the top. Today, she is among top 1% real estate agents in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has achieved that milestone single handily, working day and night. She learned everything on her own. She achieved all of that from making mistakes to being professional real estate agent.

Many people tried to slow her progress and success, flipping her signs and threatening her to not work in following areas etc. Rimpy Hothi is a very courageous woman and continued her work in real estate business, paying no attention to people who tried to stop her by using unfair means of business competition. Not only she survived the male dominating industry but her constant struggle made her top real estate agent all over the Vancouver. It was very difficult for competitors to see Rimpy Hothi’s success in a very short time.

Rimpy Hothi is the winner of Million dollar award 2018-2021, Master Medallion Award and President Award 2008-2021. These awards are the biggest recognition in real estate business. Rimpy hothi destroyed the stereotypes on women in the work field, setting the bar being the best and highest paid real estate agent in Vancouver. Rimpy’s message to her followers is ‘do not let people’s opinion effect what you are meant to be or do. One person’s words does not define your career and future’. She became a successful real estate agent believing on these words and following her passion.

In other words, Rimpy Hothi is best in real estate business, breaking the barriers of society, not only working but topping the game of real estate agencies. Rimpy believes life is too short to be afraid. Women should pursue career in real estate business too where women can also show their talent and individuality. Her struggle in this male dominated field is a message of hope for women empowerment. She showed that she would not be pushed and controlled. She is self-made successful real estate agent. Just like her, women can come forward to work and become successful in all fields, especially, where there is a gender monopoly.

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