Da Real Boe Dilly and Lil Trill fwst

Da Real Boe Dilly

“Da Real Boe Dilly” is an alternative/indie genre musician originated from G-street Clayton, LA, USA. He grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and the real name of the Da Real Boe Dilly is My’Ja A’Vel Thompson. He had passion for music from his childhood. Music is an art form or cultural activity that include the creation of works of music. From ancient time we enjoy … Continue reading Da Real Boe Dilly

The purpose of Music Production

The purpose of music producers is to produce the best art pieces for their artists. Every music needs a music producer or music Production Company for them and that is where music producers like Louie become useful. Independent artists need music producers more than others. Louie has been offered partnership deals by some small indie labels. An indie label (or independent record label) is a record label that … Continue reading The purpose of Music Production

J.Maurice Releases New Music Video for his hit song “FACETIME”

J’Maurice’s recently released hit songs new music video has been released. The single is entitled “Facetime”. I know what you are thinking about the tracks title and let me confirm that you are right. The song’s lyrics are based on the dating app Facetime. You can now listen and watch the video of this song of your favorite Hip Hop singer J’Maurice on YouTube. The … Continue reading J.Maurice Releases New Music Video for his hit song “FACETIME”

Taylor Swift looking beautiful

Taylor Swift; 11 Grammy Awards Winner

:“Taylor Alison Swift” also known as Taylor Swift is an American pop singer, country music, and songwriter who has achieved huge success in the 21st century. She was fond of music from her childhood which made this her passion. Taylor sang a song when she was 11, making a remarkable appearance in front of thousands when she sang a song “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a … Continue reading Taylor Swift; 11 Grammy Awards Winner