Drummer hutch

How Drummer HUTCH Discovered Her Passion For Music

When you discover that you have a talent that most people don’t, it can be a little overwhelming at first. Those first few years of learning an instrument can be incredibly stressful but at the same time super rewarding. Developing an instrument from scratch is certainly no easy task. It takes time, commitment, and a whole lot of constant failure. For HUTCH, learning how to … Continue reading How Drummer HUTCH Discovered Her Passion For Music

Who is louie?

Louie is an experienced music producer from the USA who has been making beats for 10 yrs. A beat is the main accent or rhythmic unit in music. He also posts music tutorials. He also deals in buying and selling of beats on his official website. You can get Trending beats there. BeatStars is his music-producing company with which Louie is associated with. BeatStars and Sony … Continue reading Who is louie?

The purpose of Music Production

The purpose of music producers is to produce the best art pieces for their artists. Every music needs a music producer or music Production Company for them and that is where music producers like Louie become useful. Independent artists need music producers more than others. Louie has been offered partnership deals by some small indie labels. An indie label (or independent record label) is a record label that … Continue reading The purpose of Music Production

Louie’s journey from a musician to Music Producer

Louie the producer is an American music producer at the start he produced music for himself but now he has become a music producer regularly. He has not had a long run till now, he is still new to the industry and has marketed a few artists and their music videos. In today’s music-production world, the only rule is there are no rules. Record whatever … Continue reading Louie’s journey from a musician to Music Producer