Omar LinX rapper

Omar LinX Releases His New Song Called “As Promised”

Many people try their luck in the music industry, many struggles to achieve fame and fortune in their music career. Some people struggle their whole life to become successful musician in the music industry, however, some people are born to be a musician, they get famous as they launch themselves by releasing single or album. Among such people who became famous in very short time … Continue reading Omar LinX Releases His New Song Called “As Promised”

Big Sailor Baby musician from USA

Big Sailor Baby And His Music Journey

Big Sailor Baby is an artist that details most of his songs about relationships from his past. Average Typical was a concept Big Sailor Baby had for a modern hyper-pop/party felt song that showcases a strong melodic voice with heavy uses of auto-tune across big 808s. Average Typical is for the boys who drive girls crazy by mocking how goofy their current boyfriends are in … Continue reading Big Sailor Baby And His Music Journey

Wakai Jr’s fourth single “My Jue”

Wakai Jr is an African-American Pop singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and the head of his independent record label, Jo Records. He was born in Monrovia, Liberia, and is currently based in Lancaster PA (Pennsylvania), USA. This 28-year-old music sensation is also a verified musician on Spotify. He has a few songs on Spotify till now and apart from that, his songs are also available on … Continue reading Wakai Jr’s fourth single “My Jue”

Afro-beat Pop singer Wakai JR

Wakai Jr born in Monrovia, Liberia, currently based in the USA, is an Afro-beat Pop singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer. Afro-beat is a music genre that involves the combination of elements of West African musical styles such as Fuji music and highlife with American jazz and later soul and funk influences, with a focus on chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms, and percussion. This 28-year-old pop singer moved to the United States in 2007 to pursue his ambitions. America … Continue reading Afro-beat Pop singer Wakai JR

“Memory” The Queen and Voice of R.T.E.

Melanie Johnson aka Memory is one of those rare talented musicians that the American soil has produced she was born in McKenzie, Tennessee (TN) the USA, and is based in Clarksville TN. She was fond of music from her childhood and eventually became a musician and songwriter. She was inspired by the “Princess of R&B” music “Aaliyah” and she was the reason she became a … Continue reading “Memory” The Queen and Voice of R.T.E.