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In today's digital landscape, across both enterprise and consumer apps, a robust and user-friendly authentication solution is essential to ensure secure access and to streamline user experiences. That’s why we’ve developed a native plugin to integrate with Auth0, a leading authentication and authorization solution.

Our plugin implements the Auth0 iOS and Android SDKs enabling you to use the Median JavaScript Bridge to prompt Auth0 Universal Login natively. Once a user successfully authenticates with Auth0, an authentication token will be returned through the JavaScript Bridge that can then be used to initiate a session within your web environment.

Add even more functionality to your app with support for Face ID / Touch ID and Android Biometrics. When configured the plugin will request a refresh token in addition to the authentication token. The refresh token is saved securely to on-device hardware storage where it can only be accessed via biometrics. Once retrieved using biometrics, the refresh token is used to authenticate with Auth0 and to retrieve a new refresh token. By configuring the Auth0 security policies for refresh token usage and longevity, you can maintain the required security, while also ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for your users. 

Make complex authentication challenges a thing of the past. Add Auth0 to your Median app today for secure, reliable, and scalable authentication and authorization. 

Key features


Flexible login methods:

Offer your users a hassle-free experience using any Universal Login supported login methods, including single sign-on (SSO) and social login solutions.


Add biometrics for hassle-free login:

Get full support for Face ID / Touch ID on iOS and Fingerprint Unlock / Face Unlock with Android Biometrics.


Unmatched scalability:

No matter the size and complexity of your app, or how fast your business grows, Auth0 accommodates increased demands without compromising performance.

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