Support & Updates


Median recognizes the importance of timely professional-level support while you are building, publishing, and maintaining your app.

We offer standard support at affordable annual fees based on the complexity of your app and active native plugins. To add support to your existing app access the Support tab when viewing your app on our platform.

We provide advanced enterprise support for eligible customers through a support agreement that can be customized to include app security features and SLA terms. For more details visit our pricing page.

If you have a support related question and do not have a support plan you may post your details in our support portal. We endeavor to assist with all inquiries.

For any issues with our documentation, please submit Suggested Edits using the link at the top right of the corresponding page.


All app licenses include 6 months of ongoing app updates. This ensures that during the time period you are developing and initially launching your app you will be able to build your app with the latest code available.

Your app will function indefinitely on the devices supported at time of launch. However, future iOS and Android releases, and new devices, often require your app to be updated to maintain compatibility. Your development team can maintain the source code provided as needed or you can add app updates from Median. With an active plan, our team maintains your app and guarantees ongoing compatibility, and we continually add new features to allow you to offer enhanced functionality.

Apple iOS Release Notes

Xcode Release Notes and API Changes

Android Release Notes

Google Play API requirements